Food Bingo: A Culinary Tour of Asia


Food Bingo: A Culinary Tour of Asia

Asia has become known as a land of exotic cuisine – raw fish, deep, rich broth, flawlessly infused protein, and a wonderful balance of spices are just some of the things that make Asian cuisine so elegant. But Asia’s many regions also hold specialties of their own, and those who want to experience them may find themselves unsure of where and how to start.

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If you’re searching for a guide to the best food in the region, you can try Food Bingo, a quick game that lets you experience all that the region has to offer, while giving you a bit of fun. The versatile game has proven to be quite useful, with the UK’s Food Standards Agency developing a version of the game called Eatwell Bingo, which taught proper eating habits to its players. Iceland Foods, one of the leading supermarkets in the UK, has also tried their hand at the game and released Iceland Bingo, winning awards for Best Boutique Bingo Site.

To play Food Bingo, you’ll need to find a friend willing to go on a culinary adventure. Together, scour the list of Good Food hosted on vkeong, and pick out 24 items that you’d like to try, or restaurants you’d like to visit while in the region. Use any of the free bingo card creators online and generate a bingo card that has these items in the grid, rather than the usual numbers. Generate as many bingo cards as there are players, and distribute them.

Split up and go on your individual quests, exploring every nook and cranny of the region to be able to cross out the items on your cards as soon as you taste them. The first person to be able to complete a pattern, be it vertical, horizontal, or diagonal wins the game. By playing Food Bingo, you can experience more of the region’s best cuisine, and have a bit of a friendly competition.

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