Most Affordable Restaurants In London Where You Can Taste Yummy Food

Are you living somewhere near ‘The Old Smoke’? Well, I hope you got an exact idea which place I am mentioning about. It is nowhere else other than the city of London! It might be a little bit expensive to live in London but when it comes to eating out you don’t have to break your banks for that. Moreover, if you want to sit back and order online to taste your favorite dishes at home then there are many prominent money saving sites like Dealslands through which you can avail various lucrative discount offers from the top high-street restaurants.

In that context, here I am today with a list of the most budget-friendly hotels and restaurants in London where you can eat some really mouthwatering delicacies while being frugal.

1. Koshari Street

It is a small and slick canteen in London which has limited counter seating and is known for Koshari- the delicious Egyptian snack food which is a perfect and warm mixture of rice, chickpeas and macaroni that has a topping of fresh tomato sauce over it. It has some other varieties of snacks available which will surely make you drool. And the best part is that not even a single dish will cost you a fortune in this restaurant. This restaurant is located in Martin’s lane of London.

2. Attendant

This subterranean place with blaring music and age old copies of reading materials is one of the most best places where you can treat your taste buds with an excellent plate of croissants, sandwiches or salads at an affordable rate. Moreover, you can also find the tasty porridge milk, bakery cakes and many other dishes in the menu of this restaurant. And the best part is that all of these dishes starts from £ 3.

3. Honest Burger

This popular restaurant is known for it’s 35-years age beef in the form of thick patties which are salty and rosemary-flecked. You must keep one thing in mind while hopping into this restaurant is that it is crowded always. So, you should reach early and take your seat. And moreover, if you want to save your pocket like never before then just dodge the queues altogether. You can grab the extremely sumptuous beef burgers at this restaurant at just £ 9! So, what are you waiting for?

3. Pizza Hut

If you’re a pizza lover then you should go nowhere else other than Pizza Hut. In London, you can find some lucrative discounts in this restaurant while taking a bit off some of the most tastiest pizzas with palatable toppings of mushrooms, bell-peppers etc. So, be it a margarita or cheese burst, remember that you’ll save some of your remarkable amount of pounds.

4. Bi Bim Bap

This is one of the most finest Korean restaurants which is located in London. The amazing mixed-rice dish which is served in blisteringly hot stone bowls in some endless variations is the ultimate dish for which this restaurant is known. Actually, the name of the restaurant has come from the name of this dish itself. Yeah! This dish is know as Bi Bim Bap. You can taste such a toothsome dish in this restaurant at just £6!!

So, just step into any one of these restaurants in London and satisfy your hunger and taste-buds both while saving your pocket like never before.

Have a happy munching!!