Good Seafood @ Great City Restaurant

Lol today my parents had another invitation dinner. They were invited to Tua Pek Kong temple's 120th anniversary diiner in Jit Sin (Private). So this time my brother, Siang Leng and I had to...

Hello Coffee House @ Sri Rambai

Hello Coffee House is situated in Taman Mutiara (Bukit Mertajam) next to the Southern Bank. My sister frequents this place during her lunch time and she highly recommends their fried mee and rice. My...

“Wong Chow” Dim Sum Restaurant

Public holidays and Saturdays mean dim sum day haha! "Wong Chow" 皇座 is another popular dim sum restaurant in Taman Betek, Bukit Mertajam. It is one of the 3 Hong Kong dim sum restaurants...

“Soon Hong” Restaurant Dim Sum

There are 3 dim sum restaurants near my house, with only 5-10 minutes' distance away. All of them serve Hong Kong dim sum but the main difference among them is the variety of dim...

Hoi Tong Steamboat Restaurant

"Hoi Tong" is an eat-all-you-can steamboat restaurant located in Bukit Serdang. Siang Leng just submitted her FYP report and we decided to celebrate it. Moreover, we have been on a light diet since last...

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