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Yit Hin Hainan Chicken Rice @ Medan Selera Bandar Port Dickson

Food is not the first thing that comes to mind when Port Dickson is mentioned. But in this sleepy town there is a chicken rice stall that you ought to try. I am referring to Yit Hin Hainan Chicken Rice that was blogged by WMW. Her recommendation was spot on but the lack of direction left us driving in circles looking for this elusive food stall. So do utilize the GPS coordinates I have given at the end of this post.


To be honest, Yit Hin’s chicken rice does not appear appetizing at first glance. It looks very different (from the ones we usually have) too because it is not drizzled with soya sauce and the unforgivingly spicy chilli sauce has a dark brown color instead of the usual bright red. But all that aside, you can’t deny that this is a unique, homely and tasty version of Hainan Chicken Rice you wish you knew existed.

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Cowan Street Ayam Tauge & Koitiao @ Ipoh

Cowan Street Ayam Tauge‘s famous bean sprouts chicken is hailed to be the best in Ipoh and it has probably been blogged to death. But surprisingly many people are still not aware of this shop and they continue to patronize Onn Kee and Lou Wong.
Just to be clear I have nothing against them because I quite liked Lou Wong in my last visit. Maybe they are not the best in the eyes of the locals and ‘Nga Choy Kai’ aficionados but at least you could count on them to be open for most of the time.


The reason I say that is because the business hour of Cowan Street Ayam Tauge is quite erratic. In fact, it is highly advised to call the boss ‘Ah Meng’ to check whether they are open before venturing here (we did that). And if you are thinking of eating here soon, I have some bad news for you.
Before I left the restaurant he told me that they are going to be closed from October until 2014’s Chinese New Year because he’s going overseas. So, plan quickly. That being said, both the ‘Nga Choy Kai’ and ‘Hor Fun’ here do live up to their reputation. If you haven’t eaten here before, there’s simply no reason not to.

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Shang Kee Ipoh Chicken Rice @ Glutton Street, Kepong Baru

Two years after discovering Shang Kee Ipoh Chicken Rice at Kepong‘s Glutton Street, we still find ourselves eating here regularly for a quick, cheap and good meal. In fact, it is one of our backup makan places whenever we couldn’t decide where to go for lunch.


Shang Kee does not deliberately undercook their chicken slightly to get that pinkish look and juicy texture. So you will not find any bloody pieces of chicken served to you here, at least none in my many visits thus far. However, the fully cooked meat is still slippery smooth and tender – flavorful and aromatic when served with a dash of sesame oil and sweet soya sauce. And if you are wondering what the light reddish spots are on the drumstick, those are just some reflections from the chili sauce.

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