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Restoran Yu Ai Seafood Noodles @ Segambut

Despite the many good reviews about Yu Ai restaurant’s seafood noodles at Segambut, I have to disagree with most of them. In fact, this will be the last place I would consider for a bowl of noodles simply because the soups are just laden with MSG.



No doubt the noodles are brimming with seafood and they are fairly fresh too. But they also come with a hefty price tag. Do expect to spend more than RM20 if you were to indulge in the most elaborate order with a drink included.

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Goon Wah Restaurant (Claypot XO Fish Head Noodles) @ Kuchai Lama

Goon Wah is an extremely popular restaurant at Kuchai Lama that specializes in their Claypot XO Fish Head Noodles, a dish they proudly claim as a self-creation. Goon Wah initially started out as a buffet catering business for functions. But their dishes are so good even for catering standards they decided to convert the shoplot into a full fledged restaurant.


We decided to try as many dishes as we could so the dishes’ portion are kept to a minimum. The minimum order for the XO Fish Head Noodle (in person’s portion) is 1, followed by 2 then 5. Shown here is a two persons’ portion, quite big actually to be shared among 4-5 pax just to get a taste of it.
Compared to the other fish head noodles I have had before that are usually sweet, Goon Wah’s version tastes more towards salty by heavily utilising salted vegetables. The soup is quite clear without too much of a milkish appearance too. Delicious with soft, smooth and flavorful chunks of fish head, this is simply a must try. And you should be happy to know the soup could be refilled at FOC.

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