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Tang Pin Kitchen @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

After so many visits to Tang Pin Kitchen in SS2, I think I can be considered a frequent customer now. It is mainly a noodle shop of fish ball specialties and I usually have my dinner there whenever I want a simple, quick and no frills meal. Besides, the restaurant is clean and comfy too. The design is old and filled with marble table and chairs that makes you feel like dining in a coffee shop of the past.


Just a prior warning though, most of the food here are not that heavily seasoned so you might feel they are slightly bland. Not a problem for me because there’s always soy sauce and white pepper to boost the flavor. But for people who prefer something light, then Tang Pin Kitchen would the right place.


When I was working in Singapore I never liked the Mee Pok there despite it being a national favorite and all – simply because I cannot convince myself to like a ketchup and vinegar based noodle and I find the flavor just too pungent for my liking. Tang Pin’s Mee Pok tastes authentic yet surprisingly delicious so I am now a converted fan. But, I still order it without vinegar haha.

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Kemaman Kopitiam @ Kuantan

It was a nice coincidence that the budget hotel I booked at Kuantan is conveniently located just across Hai Peng Kopitiam. But luck seemed to avoid me. Not only our planned trip to Sungai Lembing to check out the magnificient “sea cloud” was marred by a flash flood, Hai Peng was also closed for that particular two days we spent at Kuantan. Disappointed, I searched the GPS for any Kopitiam nearby just for a quick coffee break. Then we found Kemaman Kopitiam, which seemed familiarly well known so off we went.


They just had a facelift recently. After comparing the before (photos I found online) and after (when I was there) I could say the old, nostalgic ambiance is gone. Now, it feels like just like another Old Town along with the thousands of other kopitiams we have in Malaysia.

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Brilliant Nasi Lemak House – Nice and Cheap Nasi Lemak @ Kepong

I am pleased to announce there is a new place for nice and cheap nasi lemak. Cheap if you come during weekdays after 3:15pm; affordable if you come any other time. I use the word cheap because for a plate of nasi lemak with meat or seafood and a huge glass of drink, it’s only RM5.80 and best of all, the price is nett! No annoying service charge or government tax are added.
The place is called Brilliant Nasi Lemak House located at the shop lots next to Carrefour Kepong. The shop is quite new with a cafe like environment, clean and simple suited for a quick satisfying meal. Actually I only got to know this place after SL had her lunch here once. Her feedback about their nasi lemak was positive hence our second visit.


I actually aimed for their Nasi Lemak with Nyonya Curry Chicken but I guess my luck ran out, they had everything else but this since it was near their closing time. So I had their Brilliant Nasi Lemak set instead at a much higher price @ RM16.80 that comes with a Brilliant Dessert (something like Leng Chee Kang)

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