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Penang Loh Bak @ Kheng Pin Cafe, Penang Road

If you are in Penang looking for Loh Bak, one of the places I would recommend you to try is at Kheng Pin Cafe. The coffee shop is located at the junction of Jalan Sri Bahari and Penang road. The owner and cook, whom I affectionately address as Uncle Lau is a friendly and chirpy man. Although his Loh Bak is delicious, what I like the most are his deep fried squid and prawn fritters, which are prepared upon order only to ensure freshness.


I asked Uncle Lau to prepare a person’s mixed portion for me, it was only a few bucks.

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Lor Bak @ Kedai Kopi Seng Thor, Lebuh Carnavon

One of the oldest hawker stall in Penang that is still operating can be found at Kedai Kopi Seng Thor @ Lebuh Carnavon. Seng Thor is particularly famous its Lor Mee but I feel the Lor Bak here deserves a better mention. The uncle has been selling his home-made lor bak daily without fail for over 55 years since he was 12. Talk about dedication.


For the uninitiated, Lor Bak is basically a meat roll wrapped with bean curd sheet and flavored with five spice powder. Because of this, it is also known as Ngor Hiang in some other places like KL and Singapore. It is usually accompanied by prawn fritters, “tau kua” (fried bean curd”), Chinese sausage or any other fried seafood. Two dipping sauces are usually there for dipping, one being the gluey and starchy dark soya sauce and the other spicy and sweet chili sauce.
Penang is definitely the place to go for the best Lor Bak on earth, fact. If you think otherwise, well you are wrong lol.


Anyway, a customized platter for one person’s portion at Seng Thor was RM10 that included uncle’s signature lor bak, chinese sausage, prawn fritters and “tau kua” – very traditional and basic.

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