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Penang White Curry Mee @ Penang Corner, Kepong Baru

As a Penangite in KL, I know many of us crave for certain hawker food especially Char Koay Teow and Curry Mee. These are two dishes I feel hardest to replicate outside Penang because of the cooking technique and ingredients involved. There was a craze for Penang White Curry Mee (the instant noodle version) over the past year and that propelled its popularity. Now you could find at least 5 different brands of such flavored instant noodles in the market.

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Pho 10 @ Ly Quoc Su Street, Hanoi

There are plenty of places to enjoy the national dish of Vietnam in Hanoi. But if you are one of those who prefer to be on the safer side in terms of language and hygiene, Pho 10 should be on your consideration list. Now, I have eaten at the dingy places and classy restaurants in Hanoi and Pho 10 ranks somewhere between them.
Imagine the typical coffee shops in Malaysia – busy, generally littered with tissue paper and the drain next to the entrance is clogged with food waste. Also, expect very tight spaces and you most probably have to share a table with strangers

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Ichiro Sushi Bar @ 1-Utama Isetan Eat Paradise

Ichiro Sushi Bar

It has been more than a year since our last visit but it is great to know that Ichiro is still doing well. Food standard and service are still well maintained which delights me.

Ichiro Sushi Bar remains one of the very few Japanese restaurants that I would not hesitate to return again and again.vkeong

While you are here, do yourself a favor by checking out their daily specials especially Nigiri made from the freshest fish available. The pricing is admittedly slightly higher than the regular sushi joint in town but satisfaction is almost guaranteed. Read about our first experience here.