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Agar-Agar 2


On a boring Saturday, Siang Leng and I decided to make some agar-agar lol. Didn’t know agar-agar is actually obtained from red algae or seaweed until I read this article. Making the agar-agar is...

Mom’s Best: Egg Tarts 5

Mom’s Best: Egg Tarts

Delicious home made [tag]egg tarts[/tag] by my mom. She got this [tag]recipe[/tag] from my aunt who is very good at baking cookies and cakes. She used to bake snake shaped [tag]cookies[/tag] that look like...

Recipe: Corned Beef Spaghetti 5

Recipe: Corned Beef Spaghetti

Preparing kick-ass [tag]spaghetti[/tag] is easy! [tag]Recipe[/tag] below: Run to your nearest hypermarket and buy these: Spaghetti Pasta Sauce Corned Beef / Sausages Onion Margerine Boil spaghetti (200gm serves 2 nicely) in salt water for...