Ah Teck Chwee Kueh (Steamed Rice Cakes) @ Jalan Yahya, Muar

Chwee Kueh (水粿 - 'Water Cake') is a food that is relatively non-existent in the northern and center region of Malaysia. To get a taste of this fast-disappearing snack that is usually eaten for...

Mee Bandung Muar Abu Bakar Hanipah @ Wah San Kopitiam

Mee Bandung is one of the foods you should not miss in Muar, simply because the best ones are all concentrated here. In fact, Muar is the town where Mee Bandung is said to...

Fresh Water Prawns @ Han Thoy Restaurant, Panchor (Johor)

Panchor is a small town within Muar district in Johor situated approximately 30km north east of Muar's town center. Back in the older days when road networks were not as developed as they are...

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