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Bagel ‘n’ Coffee Station @ Hartamas Shopping Complex

Bagel had always been something similar to donut to me mainly because of their very similar appearance. You know, the ring shape. In fact, some people consider bagel as a harder version of donut. But little do they (me included) know that bagel and doughnut are actually very different, right from the ingredients to cooking method.
Bagel ‘n’ Coffee Station at Hartamas shopping complex is one of the very few cafes in KL that serves healthy, fresh daily-made bagels. I am quite surprised that I am actually the first person to blog about this cafe!


[tag]Bagel[/tag] ‘n’ [tag]Coffee[/tag] Station offers a vast variety of bagels (no less than 50) so you are really spoilt for choices here. One of them being Roast Beef Bagel @ RM14.60 from the Deluxe Bagels section. The bagel is first sliced through the middle, then thin slices of roast beef and fresh salad (cucumber, green pepper, tomato) are placed in between. This is followed by a light spray of olive oil vinaigrette on top. Lastly, with the top slice of the bagel in place, it is cut into half and served with salad.
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Daorae Garden Korean BBQ @ Desa Sri Hartamas

I went to Desa Sri Hartamas a few weeks ago to look for Western food and ended up in Carvell’s. It was a lousy dinner with lousy food and bad service so I won’t post it. But, I did notice that there are freaking many Korean restaurants in Sri Hartamas, mostly Korean BBQ. Are there so many expatriate familes from Korean residing in Sri Hartamas?
Seeing so many Korean BBQ restaurants, I recalled I only tried [tag]Korean BBQ[/tag] once at Seoul Garden Autocity and it didn’t impress me. Reason could be it was franchised and the food was not that traditional. So, I returned a week later hoping to try a more authentic Korean [tag]BBQ[/tag]. I chose Daorae Garden among all because of its popularity.


Daorae Garden is run by a Korean boss and he was around to welcome customers as well as taking orders. To enjoy the Korean BBQ, at least two types of meat must be ordered from the menu.


If you have already confirmed having Korean BBQ, they will start serving soup and the side dishes immediately. The soup was tasty and had kim chi and cabbage in it. I have to admit the first few sips felt a bit weird for me but after that it left a warm and fuzzy feeling in my belly.


Korean Steamed Egg.

korean side-dishes

And a whole lot of Korean side dishes, ten of them altogether! One of my concerns before coming here was on the side dishes. From what I see in the other blogs while researching Korean BBQ, the side dishes looked really alien to me. I was really doubtful they would taste good, lol. In the end, luckily there were only two or three which I disliked eg. kimchi, mashed potato (sweet and cold) and cockles.

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