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Departure Lounge Cafe @ Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Many people seem to give Departure Lounge‘s (DL) breakfast a favourable review but again, I find myself on the opposite side of the fence. Coffee was the only reason why I wanted to try DL, and it should be yours too.
As for their breakfast, keep your expectations low because it was mediocre at best. In all fairness, maybe the food quality was better in their earlier days because a close friend of mine actually warned me (before I went) that their standard has dropped drastically.


Actually Departure Lounge came highly recommended to me not long ago by a coffee enthusiast who owns his own cafe in PJ. Besides, it is also worth mentioning that DL has trained many award winning local baristas and the list includes JH Yee who previously worked at espressoLAB and now helms the Top Brew Coffee Bar.


There is no doubt that the coffee here is fine. So DL makes a great cozy place to hang out over a cuppa with friends, or simply pick one of the many travel guidebooks and research on your next holiday destination.

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Savory Bistro @ The Fare, Mont Kiara KL

Went to Savory Bistro at Mont Kiara for my birthday few weeks ago. Initially I wanted to have it in one of my favorite steakhouses in KL but too bad the weather has not been cooperative especially on Fridays, which means getting stuck in long traffic jam trying to get in and out of the city. Wouldn’t want that to be part of the celebration experience now, would I? Overall the food was satisfying with room for improvement and we enjoyed the live band.


Cream of Pumpkin @ RM13 – a delicious soup featuring scallop and garlic croutons. Thick, creamy and flavorsome.


Calamari Fritty with Dill Tartar dip @ RM18 to warm up our stomach before the mains. Fresh with a crunchy coating that does not feel greasy at all.

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Laziz Middle Eastern Restaurant @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Last weekend we had a satisfying dinner at Laziz, a Middle-Eastern restaurant located at Solaris Mont Kiara diagonally opposite Cold Storage. Considering that the 4-course meal cost only RM39 (using the MyDeal‘s e-Voucher) we felt it was a pretty good deal for 2 pax. With this MyDeal e-Voucher you really do not need to spend extra because the basics you would expect from a complete meal is covered. Even the inclusive ice-lemon tea comes in big cups and tasted not too shabby either.


The highlight of the deal would be the Middle Eastern style Grilled Spring Chicken. It looked like exactly what was being promoted on MyDeal, which is always a good thing because we really dislike false marketing. It tastes as good as it looks by the way – well marinated with a unique blend of Middle Eastern herbs and spices.
Since the spring chicken is prepared fresh upon order, it could take a little while to reach your table. But that short wait would be worthwhile because you could enjoy chicken while it is still hot, and savor the freshness and juiciness (even the breast meat is quite succulent) that are so well maintained.


There are two choices of salad – either normal Green or Fattoush – a Lebanese bread and vegetable salad. We chose the latter for the obvious reason that we are in a Middle Eastern restaurant. Taste wise it is not much different from the normal salads but instead of croutouns, crunchy Lebanese bread pieces are in place instead.

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