My Europe Trip 2010 – Rome, Italy

Being the center of Christianity's largest denomination, Rome has many interesting churches and home to some of the most beautiful ones in the world. It is advisable to spend at least three nights to...

My Europe Trip 2010 – Paris, France

After London, our next destination was Paris, France. Naturally there are two ways of getting to Paris from London, either by ferry (cheaper, but longer time needed and confusing) or via Eurostar. If you...

7 Stern Bräu Restaurant & Brewpub @ Vienna, Austria

Austrian cuisine is known for its rich and hearty dishes influenced by its neighbours like Hungary, Czech and Bavaria. Some of the more popular Austrian dishes that we are familiar with are like Pork...

World Famous Roast Duck – Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant @ Bayswater, London

Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant is world-famous for their roast duck and you probably already knew this because they have branches in Malaysia as well. And if you have tried their roast ducks either at...

My Europe Trip 2010 – London, England

Just to share some photos of the Europe trip I embarked about a month ago. Yep, for the entire month of June I was not in Malaysia so any blog updates were actually pre-written...

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