Teow Chow Seafood Restaurant @ Bukit Sri Bintang

There are easily more than 10 Chinese restaurants in the small yet busy commercial area in Bukit Sri Bintang. Among all, Teow Chow seafood restaurant has got to be the most popular one, judging...
Kepong Bak Kut Teh Shang Pim Restaurant

Shang Pim Bak Kut Teh @ Kepong

Shang Pim is the latest bak kut teh restaurant to open in Kepong. It is the branch the Heng Bak Kut Teh Delight's of Taman Kepong known for its clear style soup and tender meat.
QQ Steamboat BBQ Buffet Kepong

QQ BBQ Steamboat Buffet Restaurant @ Kepong

QQ BBQ Steamboat is a popular hot pot and grill restaurant in Kepong. Our first visit here was a couple years ago and the experience was below par. But a recent revisit showed that the variety and quality of the food have improved, so much so that I'd rank it as one of the better buffet restaurants out there currently.

Shang Kee Ipoh Chicken Rice @ Glutton Street, Kepong Baru

Two years after discovering Shang Kee Ipoh Chicken Rice at Kepong's Glutton Street, we still find ourselves eating here regularly for a quick, cheap and good meal. In fact, it is one of our...

Yellow Thai Food Truck @ Jalan Vista Mutiara, Kepong

Usually when Thai food is mentioned, we think of those sit-down restaurants that serve a la carte dishes. But recently there seems to be a shift in dining habits, as more and more Thai...

BBQ Chicken Wings

Mention BBQ Chicken Wings, and most likely the song 'siu kai yik, ngo zhui zhong yi sek' sang by Stephen Chow will come to mind. Well if you don't understand the Cantonese lyrics, it...

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