Sweet Hut Dessert @ Kepong

Kepong used to have quite a number of HK-style dessert restaurants which were mostly concentrated in Laman Rimbunan. Among the tens of dessert and bubble tea shops that opened and closed within the said...
Popo Steamboat best steamboat restaurant in Kepong

Popo Steamboat Cafe – Open Air Steamboat Restaurant in Kepong

While most steamboat restaurants in Kepong operate in commercial areas, Popo Steamboat Cafe occupies a breezy, open space next to an industrial area. It might be a little challenging for outsiders to find Popo, but I assure you the extra effort will be worth it.
Kok Hing Roast Duck Char Siew Wantan Mee Kepong

Wantan Mee @ Kedai Makanan Kok Hing, Kepong

Kok Hing restaurant's wantan mee is probably my 2nd favorite after Fat Yoong. From what I saw on the signboard, their main branch seems to be in Bentong and they are famous for various charcoal roasted meat and wantan noodles.

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