Sai Kong Restaurant @ Kepong Baru & Bandar Menjalara

Sai Kong (or Sai Gong) is a restaurant that has had a long presence in Kepong. Janwa Thai aside, it is also one of the restaurants that we could always count on whenever we...

Teow Chow Seafood Restaurant @ Bukit Sri Bintang

There are easily more than 10 Chinese restaurants in the small yet busy commercial area in Bukit Sri Bintang. Among all, Teow Chow seafood restaurant has got to be the most popular one, judging...

Bar-B-Q Plaza Eat All You Can Refill Promotion

As a fan of BarBQ Plaza, I was thrilled to know that their eat all you can promo is back. Basically you get to order unlimited refills of ala carte from their special menu...

Chen Brothers Durian & Fruit – Best Durian Stall in Kepong

If you are looking for great quality durians, I will recommend Chen Brothers Durian & Fruit in Kepong Baru. Compared to the other more popular durian stalls in KL or PJ, Chen Brothers is not only cheaper, they are also the most experienced in the trade.
Sushi Mentai Cheap Sushi Restaurant KL

Sushi Mentai Menjalara @ Kepong

Ever since Sushi Mentai opened in Kepong (two branches now) it has become the sushi chain we frequent the most. Despite its basic, no frills and economical concept, Sushi Mentai never failed to provide us with a satisfying meal every time we're here. Although they lose out in terms of dining environment, that's not really a deterrent for many people.
Oppa Steamboat Buffet restaurant Kepong

Oppa Steamboat Buffet @ Kepong

Although Oppa Steamboat Buffet is not the first restaurant to come up with the idea of 4-tier steamboat, at least they doing it right. The variety of food you get is more than enough to keep you a happy camper. For RM45, you can eat and drink as long as you want until they close.

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