Pork Noodles Yuyi Pudu

Delicious Pork Noodles @ Kedai Kopi Yuyi, Pudu

Word has it that you can find one of the best tasting pork noodles in Pudu. The pork noodle stall is operating in Yuyi coffee shop and a minimum wait of 30 minutes is to be anticipated. If you're a pork noodle lover, I can assure you that the wait is worth it.

San Peng Prawn Mee @ Pudu

For years, San Peng Prawn Mee held the reputation as one of the best prawn mee in KL. Although I wasn't particularly keen on trying it after reading about it on other blogs, I still came for it - partly because I happen to be nearby one morning and suddenly remembered about this place.
Sin Hiap Kee Fish Head Curry Pudu

Chinese-Indian Curry @ Restoran Sin Hiap Kee, Pudu

Sin Hiap Kee looks like any unassuming kopitiam at first, but it's more than meets the eye. What's popular here are Indian-style curries interestingly prepared by a Chinese couple. There's one thing you should consider before eating here though, that is their price is similar, and maybe even higher than the Nasi Kandar chains.
Ah Fa Roast Fish Pudu

Ah Fa Roast Fish 发記招牌特色烤鱼 @ Pudu

Ah Fa Roast Fish's signature dish is a medley of seafood with fish being the main ingredient, simmered in a piquant Hunan-influenced broth infused with the heat of chili peppers.

Sek Yuen Restaurant (Revisit) @ Jalan Pudu, KL

Was back at Sek Yuen not long ago for dinner with a big group of friends. This time we had some new dishes that are really good with typified taste, what we call "ko...

Mr & Mrs Chicken Healthy 120-Day Chicken Rice @ Pudu

Healthy food does not have to be boring, expensive nor bland. For a healthier version of chicken rice that tastes as good, if not better than the normal ones, check out Mr & Mrs...

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