Hokkien Mee @ Cheok Sah Food Court, Bukit Mertajam

I was about to give up hope on looking for a good Hokkien Mee (or known as Prawn Noodle to non Penangites) at Bukit Mertajam until I found a hidden small hawker centre next...

Bukit Mertajam Duck Egg Char Koay Teow

I bet many of you have heard of the famous "Sisters' Koay Teow" from Lorong Selamat. Well, they can move aside. Being simply overrated and overpriced, RM5.00 for a plate? It is plain outrageous....

Mengkuang Dam

In Bukit Mertajam, there aren't many places you can go. Weekends are normally spent in the Penang island, Megamall Pinang in Perai, or Carrefour Seberang Jaya. I am eagerly waiting for the new Jusco...
MQL Steamboat Icon City Steamed Tiger Prawns

MQL Steamboat @ Icon City, Bukit Mertajam (With Fave)

If you are not a Fave user yet, this Chinese New Year will be the perfect time to take the plunge, as they are giving first-timer Fave users 22% off on their purchase by...

Bukit Mertajam Best Yam Rice

The best yam rice in Bukit Mertajam 大山脚 can be found in the town area, below IBM tution centre. I used to have my tuition class here during my high school days for some...

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