Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant @ Ipoh

I only have three words to describe Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant: 'so damn crowded'. This is not a complaint ok, just an observation. Customers queuing outside the restaurant for dim sum before 8am. The chaos...

Kok Thai Restaurant @ Kinta City

On my last week working in NCS I was fortunate enough to join my first and also last team building event in Gua Tempurung, Perak. I will post up some photos of the caves...

Chatter Kopitiam

So I was on a mission to Ipoh for white coffee last weekend, thanks to 8TV's HoChak. Few weeks ago, the last segment of the programme introduced Ipoh white coffee. The moment I finished...
Sandwich Express halal sandwich Ipoh free delivery

Sandwich Express @ Ipoh

During our recent trip to Ipoh, we noticed a quaint sandwich restaurant called Sandwich Express near the hotel we stayed. Since sandwich is one of the things we love, we decided to forfeit our hotel's breakfast and try Sandwich Express instead.
Fei Ma Mixed Fruits ABC Kampung Simee Ipoh

Fei Ma Mixed Fruits ABC 肥妈雪水档 @ Kampung Simee, Ipoh

Mixed Fruits Ice Kacang 什果冰 is one of the things that's uniquely Ipoh. If you have one and only one shot at this dessert in Ipoh, I highly recommend Fei Ma's stall in Kampung Simee. It's quite different compared to those sold by the stalls at the town's famous 'tong sui kai'.
Tai Soo Famous ABC Tau Fu Far Ipoh

Tau Fu Far @ Tai Soo No.1 Famous Dessert, Ipoh

For some reason, if you mention about eating Funny Mountain's tau fu fah in Ipoh, you will receive flak from some people. Why? Because they think it's a tourist trap and they are overcharging...

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