Taiwan Original Cake Cheese Flavor Sunway

Taiwan Original Cake @ Sunway Pyramid

For the last 6 months, Original Cake had been a phenomenon that gripped KL and people were willing to queue hours for it. Now, the fever has reached Penang after they opened their third...
Sandwich Express Tuna Mayo Sandwich

Sandwich Express @ Sunway Pyramid

Remember Sandwich Express, the first sandwich restaurant in Ipoh that delivers fresh, high-quality sandwich to the doorstep? I mentioned before that they were going to open in KL and they have! Currently, they have...
Fat One Steamboat Buffet Sunway

Fat One Steamboat Buffet @ Sunway

As one of the largest steamboat truck (lok lok) operators in Klang Valley, it should not come to you as a surprise that Fat One Steamboat has a proper steamboat restaurant in Bandar Sunway. Since...

Snowy Dessert Home @ Sunway Pyramid

One day when we were shopping at Sunway Pyramid, we felt a little hungry and wanted to eat something to fill our stomachs. While walking around to hunt for food, we saw some pretty...
Kung Fu Panda Kitchen Steamboat Buffet Sunway Pyramid

Kung Fu Panda Kitchen Steamboat Buffet @ Sunway Pyramid West

DreamWorks's first Kung Fu Panda Kitchen was opened at Sunway Pyramid West a couple of months ago. Like the name says, the large restaurant focuses on Po - the main star of Kung Fu...

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