Sauna Prawns @ Brother Yat Seafood Restaurant, Subang Jaya

Sauna Prawns, did the title catch your attention yet? It is a dish found in Brother Yat, a seafood restaurant located off the beaten path - somewhere among the factories at Subang Jaya . When...

Fried Porridge @ Leong’s Kitchenette, USJ 21 Subang Jaya

*** Update: Leong's Kitchenette has ceased operations *** Leong's Kitchenette might be the new kid on the block but this cheerful restaurant has managed to garner a loyal following of customers through their 3E motto:...

F4 Fish Head Restaurant @ USJ, Subang Jaya

Now, before you get the idea that this fish head curry restaurant belongs to the now-defunct Taiwanese boy band F4, let me just tell you they are not the owners. In fact, this popular...
Best Nyonya Cendol KL Summit USJ

Nyonya Cendol Cafe (Best Cendol in KL) @ Summit Subang USJ

If you love Nyonya Cendol, you should make your way to Summit Subang USJ as quickly as you can. There's a quaint cafe at the lower ground floor going by the name of Nyonya Cendol Cafe which serves possibly the best cendol in Klang Valley.

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