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Happy Chinese New Year 08

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is less than 3 hours away! I can hear fireworks cracking already lol. BM Kia at wishes all my blog readers a Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai! Special mentions to my blogging friends who have always made an effort to comment on my posts. They are

And some great bloggers I knew from LYN:

May this Rat year bring you much wealth and good health. My only wish this Rat year is to have excel in my new job in Cyberjaya. It will be a very tough year ahead for me as predicted by Kuan Yin’s when I last went for Kau Cim in Kuan Yin Temple, hopefully I will prevail and reach success. Other than that, eat more and blog more haha! Gong Hei Gong Hei :D .

ATTENTION! G Hotel BBQ Seafood Buffet Complaints

ATTENTION! Due to many complaints received in my blog’s comments on G Hotel’s BBQ Seafood Dinner, please be informed no longer recommends this. From my experience it was fine but many people complained about the food quality, variety and some even complained of discomfort after that. So all G Hotel BBQ Seafood related posts will serve only as a reference for the food you will find there. I regret any bad experiences you’ve had if you went for the buffet after viewing my blog. Thank you.

I have yet received another comment regarding the bad food over in G Hotel. Despite how good looking the food I shown in my earlier posts, please read the comments first and decide for yourself whether it’s worth going. It is really disappointing to know the standard has dropped until so badly. G Hotel management if you are reading this you better buck up, so much for the publicity I got for you. Here are the comments I received so far (negative responses): Continue reading

Do you complain if you get lousy food and service?

Let’s talk about customer rights. Looking back at one of the comments I received, a reader expressed her concern towards the services offered by Ingolf’s Kneipe. So it prompted me to ask, what do you do as a customer if you were given crappy services or lousy food? This post comes from my own experience.


2 weeks ago my friend recommended me a Western food restaurant, it was just a few minutes’ walk from my apartment. Because it was recommended, I had fairly high expectations. At first glance, everything was supposed to be perfect.. the ambiance was nice, foods are fairly priced and the waiter was kind enough to serve us some garlic breads while waiting.

garlic-bread Continue reading