Al-Hambra Tandoori Palace @ Bayan Baru

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Al-Hambra Tandoori Palace is a restaurant serving cheap and tasty Northern [tag]Indian cuisine[/tag]. The restaurant was firstly opened in Sungai Petani and has expanded into [tag]Penang[/tag]. The main branch in Penang would be along Nagore Street, while the latest branch to open is located just minutes away from my working place in Taman Sri Tunas, Bayan Baru. It’s only 3-4 … Read More

Set Lunch @ Cosmic Leisure House

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Please pardon the photos’ quality in my posts lately lol. I don’t carry my digital camera around so often anymore recently. Last Friday me and my colleagues went to a cafe-like restaurant in [tag]Krystal Point[/tag], Bayan Baru for lunch. The place is called Cosmic Leisure House and it is more than a normal restaurant. I am sure most of you … Read More

Tomyam Noodles

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For those working in [tag]Bayan Lepas[/tag], you should be familiar with the food court I am going to blog about. It is located beside Bayan Baru’s [tag]Sunshine Square[/tag] supermarket and connected to the market. This huge food court has so many stalls that the number exceeds 100. However I am not sure whether there’s really more than 100 of stalls … Read More