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3D2N Stay @ The Villas, Sunway Resort

To celebrate the recent New Year, we checked into The Villas for a short stay. First time visitors will be surprised to find this private sanctuary within the lush tropical garden of Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, which is only minutes’ walking distance away from Sunway Pyramid via some ‘hidden’ paths. This would be the perfect place for couples who seek to celebrate special occassions with utmost privacy – no babies, no families so no noisy kids running around. And with only 17 villas around, there would only be a maximum of 34 guests at anytime.


Just to be clear, I am not ‘invited’ to stay here and then write this post to promote them whatsoever. We actually own a SIVC (Sunway International Vacation Club) membership that we signed up with when we just started to work. Yeah we were young and stupid. Frankly speaking if not for the membership, I don’t think I would even consider staying here. But it is good to experience nice things once in a while, we gotta enjoy life sometime.
Anyway, this building behind the small pond is actually a restaurant-cum-reception of The Villas called the Pavillion. You can also think of it as your very own private restaurant, where you will be having most of your meals – breakfast, evening cocktails and romantic set-dinner (if you booked one).


Since The Villas is pretty much off limits to everyone except the guests and staff, you have to be driven in by the butlers. The best spot to park your car would be at The Duplex‘s car park. There are plenty of parking space here and it is free of charge as well. If you are not familiar with Sunway and could not locate The Duplex (it’s pretty tricky to find this place) you can also park your vehicles at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. Then from the hotel lobby, you can take the hotel’s swimming pool, walk across it and follow this staircase which will lead you to The Villas.
If that is still very confusing, then the easiest way would be to tell Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa’s reception that you are checking into The Villas. They will know what to do and send someone to pick you up. Don’t worry about the parking ticket, you will given another one that looks like a room card that will let you get out for free later.

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Avanti Italian-American Restaurante @ Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

It all began with a sudden crave for steak. Ever since I had the slab of Maria’s heavenly Charbroil Australian Wagyu steak, there was no turning back – I am now a Wagyu Steak convert. To fulfill my desire for this expensive luxury food I went to Avanti, an Italian-American restaurant in Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. Instead of the many other well known and established steakhouse like Prime at Le Meridien, I chose Avanti simply because of its location.
I didn’t have the mood nor patience to get through the traffic jam leading to KL’s city center, especially on a Friday night. Besides, I didn’t read any complaints on the restaurant’s food after Googling around so I thought it should be alright. Sadly I went home a disappointed, a few hundred bucks poorer and did not had my cravings fulfilled, at all.


The night started well though, with unlimited supply of crusty bread to go with the tuna or dipping them in olive oil while we waited for our main courses to arrive. Our soup – Southern Italian Spicy Seafood Soup was perhaps the dish we enjoyed the most throughout the night.
Being robust and flavorful, a blend of different seafood like scallop, prawn and squid are prepared along with a generous amount of sliced shallot. Since this is fine dining it shouldn’t be surprising that a serving like this cost RM29. Did your jaw drop? lol.


Among the choices of Chateaubriand (beats me), Entrecote Double (omg what is this lol), Beef Tenderloin, Rib Eye and Strip-Loin, I chose Grilled Australian Chilled Wagyu Beef Tenderloin for being the most tender part of the beef. Continue reading

My Honeymoon Dessert House @ Sunway Pyramid

Last Friday I went for an invited meal at My Honeymoon Desserts House @ Sunway Pyramid, a restaurant owned by a husband and wife team who share the same passion for the best desserts. The whole idea of coming up with their own dessert restaurant first started when they were celebrating their honeymoon in Hong Kong and stumbled on Chung Kee Desserts, which is well known for its creative Chinese desserts. This is also how My Honeymoon’s tag-line “Our Desserts, You Honeymoon” was born.


Hundreds of dessert ranging from traditional sweet soup, sweet ball, summer special, icy swallow, crystal grass jelly, sago, special granulated ice and many more are available in My Honeymoon’s menu. And like always we like to start with something light on the stomach like the pillow-shaped Mango Pancake @ RM9.


My cutting skill sucked, plus the plastic knife wasn’t exactly sharp so please pardon the mess lol. My Honeymoon insists on a 50-50 ratio of whipped cream and mango for the pancakes so customers need not worry about being shortchanged. The succulent mango was sweet, largely due to the fact that only Philippines mango, the sweetest mango in the world is used. Continue reading