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F4 Fish Head Restaurant @ USJ, Subang Jaya

Now, before you get the idea that this fish head curry restaurant belongs to the now-defunct Taiwanese boy band F4, let me just tell you they are not the owners. In fact, this popular restaurant used to operate at Chan Sao Lin before moving to Subang Jaya – not sure how long ago though. Like many of you I am also baffled at the name choice of “F4″ but I think we could all agree it is rather catchy and easy to remember lol. Like Brother Yat, F4 Fish Head Restaurant is pretty hidden within the Subang Jaya Industries Park, one of the least places you would expect to find good food.


Also, this is the place you would want to come as early as possible especially during weekends, as you can see the crowd could get really crazy even they are almost as big as a multipurpose hall.. Service during peak hour is not an issue because they are quite efficient, but finding any free tables could be a problem.

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Brother Yat Restaurant @ Subang Jaya

If this pot looks familiar, it’s either you have read my old post about Sauna Prawns, or you have seen and tasted it before personally.


For those uninitiated, Sauna Prawns is a dish where a glass of Carlsberg beer is poured into a pot with heated sauna stones underneath, then immediately followed by a bowl of live grass prawns on top of the steamer lid.
As soon as the beer touches the rocks, steam is generated which will cook the prawns alive. At this time, the dining table would be filled with a faint beer and seafood aroma, enticing each and every diner. Just imagine the pot as a sauna room and the prawns as people, except they won’t get out alive. Oh, so poor prawns.


The prawns’ freshness is very important in dish so only live prawns are used. And I don’t think you could get any fresher prawns than live ones. 500g of prawns for this dish cost RM41, inclusive of the table-side show, uniquely available here only.

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Pork Noodles @ Restoran Pomander, SS15 Subang Jaya

The Penang Pork Noodles aka Chee Yoke Fun at Restoran Pomander is perhaps one of the best known hawker food stall at SS15 Subang Jaya. Whenever people talk about SS15’s food, either this or the famous SS15 rojak van would be highly recommended.


It is said to be highly inadvisable to come during lunch hour because during the peak it would take more than an hour for your pork noodles to arrive. Which explains why most customers either have a newspaper in hand or a laptop turned on to past time. Even when I was there at 2pm the noodles took about 40 minutes to arrive lol.

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