Lang Tengah Trip Last Part

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Well I thought I had a lot of photos to share but too bad that wasn’t the case. I guess I didn’t really take as many photos as I thought I did after all. All of them were already shown in my previous posts lol. I had a good (not great) time in [tag]Lang Tengah[/tag]. It was a new experience … Read More

Lang Tengah Trip Part II : The beach

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This is how [tag]Lang Tengah[/tag] [tag]Island[/tag] looks like in the morning. This photo was taken on our last day of the trip. The sun was rising from the jungle behind the resort and I like how the sunlight started to shine on the island. These are photos taken on the left side stretch of the beach, there are a lot … Read More

Lang Tengah Trip Part I : Getting There

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I know I said I would be going for a [tag]Redang[/tag] trip, but the trip wasn’t really to Redang lol. My trip was to the island between Redang Island and Pulau Perhentian, [tag]Lang Tengah[/tag] Island. I didn’t know about this until the day before, ouch. Anyway I reached Kuala [tag]Terengganu[/tag] at 5am after a painful 8 hours journey on bus. … Read More