10 Mouths Seafood Restaurant @ Balestier Road, Singapore

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Last night I had my first Chilli Crab in Singapore at 10 Mouths Seafood Restaurant – 十口海鲜, Balestier Road. The restaurant was recommended by a colleague, who has had dinner there a couple of times and found the crabs there to be good and affordable.


Only three of us were so we only ordered 4 dishes. First was of course the highly recommended Chilli Crabs. The crabs were supposed to be charged according to the market price. But the current promotion is that all crabs cooked in either Chilli or black pepper style are charged at $20 per serving.


The Chilli Crab‘s portion was just nice, as there were three mud crabs – each for everyone. Although the crabs were indeed much smaller compared to the ones I had not long ago at Uncle Leong, I didn’t mind at all because of the huge difference in pricing. Besides, the crabs were quite meaty too despite being only medium in size.

While the name Chilli Crab surely conjures up an impression of hot and spicy, it was actually mild spicing with a hint of sweetness. The gravy was nice, flavorful and starchy with the addition of chicken eggs.
If you ask me whether Singapore’s Chilli Crab is better than Malaysia’s, I honestly don’t know. I can’t make a conclusion based on a single try. Heck, back in Malaysia I rarely eat Chilli Crab except those cooked by my mom. So I am not in the position to pass any judgment.


Fried Mantou – warm and crispy on the outside yet soft and fluffy on the inside. Either dip it into the Chilli Crab sauce or simply mop up everything in the end. $6 for a dozen.


Salted Egg Prawns @ $20, a dish recommended by the waitress. I felt it was quite expensive, since the crabs were priced the same too. But luckily it was delicious enough to make us oversee the price. Each prawn had a generous coating salted egg, which was moist and tasty.


Champagne Pork Ribs @ $10 was something new to us, which was also a recommendation from the waitress. We decided to be adventurous and took it, instead of always ordering the same old sweet and sour or Guinness Stout style.
It paid off to take her recommendation (again), as the Champagne Pork Ribs was a delightful dish with tender and succulent pork ribs with a faint taste of champagne (or just sparkling wine). It goes really well with rice.


And lastly Three Mushroom Broccoli @ $10, some greens to compensate for the high cholesterol and meaty meal we had lol.


In total our dinner came to a total of $67 excluding drinks, which was about $22 per person. For me, the meal was satisfactory; not bad but nothing great either. Pricing was reasonable except for the Salted Egg Prawns. Sadly, I don’t know how to get here by public transport, since we took a cab from Toa Payoh’s MRT station.

10 Mouths Seafood 十口海鲜 (Kian Lian)
588 Balestier Road.
Tel: (65) 6255 1437

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