7th Village Koay Teow Soup @ Restaurant Lin, Raja Uda


Contrary to the many good feedbacks about Restaurant Lin’s 7th Village Koay Teow Soup, I found it to be average tasting at best. I was back to Penang not long ago and decided to explore more Butterworth food. After researching for a while, I found this Koay Teow Soup to be one of the highly recommended food around. Seems to be true if judging on the morning crowd alone.


The main reason I thought it was average was because I couldn’t find anything outstanding about the noodle soup at all. The soup was bland with skimpy ingredients. And, perhaps more importantly, the minced meat that was so crucial in making or breaking Koay Teow Soup was quite tasteless and tough.



Besides Koay Teow Soup they also serve Bak Cham Gai (steamed chicken) @ RM2.50 a portion. The portion is darn small for the price (only a chicken wing) but luckily it was not bad.


Don’t hold too high hopes on this Koay Teow Th’ng and you might be pleased with it. I just feel there are so many other better ones out there. Next time I want to try Sai Toh Lim instead, which is just a row next to 7th Village at Raja Uda. No address provided for 7th Village because I don’t have it lol.

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  1. Why go so far, they have a new branch in Taman Bayu Mutiara, BM. Anyway, their Koay Teow soup sucks……. like other BM food, LOL.

  2. i try it but potion a bit too small. i wish i had a bit more to settle with my stomach.
    well i did try this old place better potion and definitely better price.
    located in petaling jaya. i will write soon.

  3. Here’s the address:

    6, 8 & 10, Lorong Ceri 6, Taman Aman Jaya, Off Raja Uda, 12300 Butterworth

    Mon-Sat 7.30am – 5pm
    Sun 7.30am -1pm


  4. the first time I try 7th village is at raja uda, that time I choose to eat the dry one and I think is so delicious and make me wish to go again, however, when it open a new branch in BM, I found that the taste is so different, I mean is so not good… and my whole family is blaming me for bring them go to eat XD

  5. U guys should try the lobak and guang jiang which are the special Teow Chew kuih thatyou can’t really find in anywhere else and it is delicious.. Personally feel the koay Teow soup is tasty and understand that the soup base has no ajinomoto that doesn’t make u feel thirsty after u consume the whole bowl of the soup. Besides, the speciality of this shop is actually the mince pork..a lot of customer visit this restaurant for the mince pork! After all, different ppl might hv different opinion in food tasting..I think u guys should give it a try!

  6. you should try the one behind the 7th village (corner shop), it’s called ‘sai toh lim’ koey teow soup…. their fish ball is nice and their koey teow soup is much nicer than the 7th village…..even their prawn noodle (dry) is niceee too and guarantee u cant find a similar 1 in klang valley….i am from bw but i never find the 7th village koey teow soup is nice……


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