A Little Dim Sum Place @ SS2 Petaling Jaya

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A Little Dim Sum Place at SS2 is yet another recommendation from a reader – M@Y, who told to me that this is her favorite place for dim sum. Like always, if there’s good food being recommended and it isn’t too far for me – I will definitely try it. So keep the suggestions coming!
I actually imagined A Little Dim Sum Place to be a typical tea restaurant like any other dim sum outlet. But to my surprise it turned out to be a small and packed restaurant, just like its name implies.


My first impression upon seeing the menu prices was that A Little Dim Sum Place is not a cheap place. With that, I could only hope their food is good and hence justified by the prices we are paying. Luckily the first dim sum – King Of Shiu Mai @ RM5.50 delivered with flying colors.
Big, fleshy and most importantly fresh prawns were stacked on each other to create this delectable siu mai. Bursting with flavors and served piping hot, I don’t know what’s there not to like about it.


Sweet Dragon Beard @ RM3.60 – was a dim sum that seemed more like a dessert to me.It is actually a 50-50 combination of banana and red bean paste rolled in crunchy strands of sugar (the Dragon Beard) Quite interesting for me considering it was my first time trying, and it was quite good too.


Har Gao (Prawn Dumpling) @ RM3.60. Again, the fresh and succulent prawns were the reason it was delicious. If you noticed, the skin was very thin and translucent.. nice.


Sharkfin Dumpling @ RM2.80 – not sure if I really tasted any sharkfin in it but it was tasty nonetheless.


Lily Scallop Roll @ RM5.80 had an interesting name so we ordered it out of curiosity. If you are expecting only scallops and lily bulbs then you would probably end up disappointed like me, as each roll (made of bean curd skin) actually contained lots of other ingredients like mushroom and bell peppers.
The presence of other strong tasting ingredients ultimately overtook the scallops’ flavor. Rather average if you ask me.


Since most of the items we had were good except for the Lily Scallop Roll, we decided to order one last dim sum called Scallop Treasure @ RM5 – thinking that it should probably turn out good like the rest as well.
Too bad it had to be the most disappointing one among all for being bland. Seems like any dim sum related with scallop are not good eh?


Overall, I would say that A Little Dim Sum Place serves one of the better siu mai and har gao. And just those 2 items alone were enough to warrant a second visit for me to try the other dim sum. What I shown here is only a fraction of what they have to offer.
By the way, I hope they will do something about the seating, as the tight seating arrangement in a small restaurant creates a very cramp atmosphere.

A Little Dim Sum Place
No.12 Jalan SS 2/63,
47300 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7873 1878

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