Ah Di Flying Wantan Mee @ Kedai Kopi Peng Kee Baru, Taman Usahawan Kepong

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This has got to be the nicest Wantan Mee I have had in a long time. It is a small stall in an inconspicuous coffee shop at Kepong, operated by a husband and wife team. Well if you remember, I blogged about the Flying Wantan Mee in Seapark where the cook would literally airborne the noodles after he runs it over cold water. That is also somewhat practiced here. I have to admit that is the main reason I went to check this out, to see the stunt for myself. But never would I have expected the Wantan Mee to taste so good, in fact even better than the Seapark one.

Wonton Noodle by vkeong on 500px.com

    Basically, it has fulfilled all my criterias of being a good Wantan Mee:

  • The noodle is thin, crisp with a QQ texture and doesn’t stick together. Nice for slurping.
  • No funny alkaline taste.
  • Uses lard so got that nice fragrance.
  • Not oily at all.
  • Each shrimp wonton has a whole succulent and fresh shrimp inside. Soup does not taste heavy of MSG, really has the sweet shrimp flavor.

Now I can’t say much about the Char Siew since I didn’t try theirs but as far as noodles and wanton go this is definitely better than Seapark’s.

Shrimp Wonton by vkeong on 500px.com

Since I ordered the Shrimp Wonton Noodle @ RM4.50, my noodle is kinda plain and it only comes with a bowl of wonton soup with 6 dumplings. Funny how it does not even have any greens on it too. But I think it’s just me, as I saw other people’s orders (the normal Char Siew Wonton) have greens on top.

Flipping Noodles by vkeong on 500px.com

The flipping of noodles in action. I believe that is done to get rid of all the excess water. Or it might be just a stunt to attract customers. I dunno but it sure works for me.

Peng Kee Baru Coffee Shop by vkeong on 500px.com

This Wantan Mee stall can be found just opposite Jusco Kepong, located at the same row with TM Point. They are open daily from morning until 3pm and they also serve a variety of toppings for the noodles like Dried Curry Chicken, Sui Kao and Mushroom and Chicken Feet. Besides, Curry Mee and Fish Ball Mee Soup are also available. And finally, special thanks to kamisama from MamakOnline who recommended this to me.

Ah Di Wantan Mee

Kedai Kopi Peng Kee Baru
Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 1
GPS Coordinates: N3 12.879 E101 38.328
Business Hours: Morning till 3pm daily. Off days not fixed

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