Ah Hock Wantan Mee @ Lebuh Melayu (Lorong Ikan Intersection)

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There is only one push cart stall along Lebuh Melayu (Malay Street) selling Wantan Mee and luckily it is a good one too. Actually, I happen to discover this stall by chance. One day I was driving along Lebuh Melayu and noticed an unknown noodle stall doing very brisk business despite its secluded location. At that moment I knew I had to explore it for myself.


The stall is run by Ah Hock, who has been selling his Wantan Mee here for a faithful 23 years and still counting. His specialties are his delicious self-made Wantan and sambal that not only adds a spicy kick into the noodles but also made it more appetizing. A small one costs RM2.50, RM3 for medium and RM3.50 for large.


I have to admit I am very skeptical when it comes to mixing any form of chili paste into my bowl of Wantan Mee – may it be chili oil, chili sauce or sambal because I am too used with having it with green chilies. But in this case, I highly recommend you to choose the sambal over the green chilies simply because the Wantan Mee just tastes much better with the former. In fact, I’d even suggest you to ask for more sambal!


Let me tell you upfront that if you did not mix any sambal into the noodles you wouldn’t feel the Wantan Mee is great. It is Hock’s sambal that makes his noodle. The spicy and sour flavored sambal’s trick is to neutralize the alkaline taste present in Wantan noodles, often made with alkaline water to improve the texture as well as prevent it from becoming soggy. Green chilies can produce the same effect as well, just not as good as sambal.


The freshly prepared Wantan has a solid filling of minced pork and prawn. You will definitely not feel like you are tasting the wrapper more.

Ah Hock prepares each and every bowl of his noodles with dedication and detail, as you can see from this video I took.

The three basic sauces he used to flavor his noodles are of high quality as well. Because of that, Ah Hock always give the noodles a big final shake on the colander to drain the excess water so the taste won’t get diluted. Watching the noodles’ preparation process is like watching a performance, really.


In Penang there’s not many Wantan Mee served with sambal so this is very worth a try if you haven’t yet. As for me, I am confirmed a return customer already!

Ah Hock Wantan Mee
Stall at intersection of Lebuh Melayu (Malay Street) and Lorong Ikan
GPS Coordinates: N5 24.791 E100 20.133
Open on weekdays from 12:30pm to 5:30pm.
Closed on weekends and during major Chinese festivals

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