Aunty Curry Mee @ Jalan Delima, Island Glades Penang

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You will be surprised to know that one of the best Curry Mee in Penang can be found at a quiet residential area called Island Glades. The stall has no name so people just conveniently refer it as ‘Aunty Curry Mee‘. Well it is the one and only one in the vicinity anyway. The stall’s setup is as bare as it could possibly be and only a handful of seats are available since most customers opt to take away.


Even with the rising cost of food prices, Aunty has managed to keep her Curry Mee’s price so low that it would get you saying “Wah, so much ‘liao’ but so cheap ah!” I am not kidding when I say the Curry Mee is filled with ingredients to the brim, just look at the noodles itself. For the same price you pay elsewhere in Penang, you might be getting only half the amount Aunty is giving.


I had the large bowl at RM3 and it was loaded with fresh prawns, cockles, cuttlefish and complete with a lot (and I mean A LOT) of tofu poks. Too bad I was like the second last customer, Aunty has ran out of pork blood cubes or else my bowl of Curry Mee would have had even more toppings. But of course being cheap with lots of toppings are not the reasons of it being worthy of a recommendation, it has got to be tasty as well.


When compared to the other Curry Mee in the island, Aunty’s curry soup is prepared with less coconut milk hence the clearer and lighter appearance. And despite looking red hot, the special chili paste is not spicy nor too oily too. Adding a considerable amount of the chili paste into the noodles not only thickens the soup, it also enhances the noodles’ overall flavor making it more fragrant and sweeter, but not overly sweet.
The conclusion is that there is nothing to be complained about Aunty’s Curry Mee in terms of pricing, portion and taste because they are all good. Although the eating environment is far from being perfect but hey at least it is clean. And I grew up eating at places like this in Penang so it brings back nice memories for me.


Aunty’s Curry Mee is not difficult to find at all. Just drive along Jalan Delima and look for the house 9-B. The Malaysia and Penang flags are already a very good indication for you to find. If you see Krista kindergarten on your right, then you have overshot the house already. Lastly, remember to come early (before 9am) to avoid disappointments!

Aunty Penang Curry Mee
No 9-B Jalan Delima,
11700 Gelugor, Penang
GPS Coordinates: N5 22.816 E100 18.109
Off days not fixed (closed mostly during Chinese festivals and school holidays)

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