Baan Kun Ya Thai Dining @ Centrepoint, Bandar Utama

Baan Kun Ya Thai Restaurant Centrepoint BU
Baan Kun Ya Thai Restaurant Centrepoint BU

Although Centrepoint is less popular than the comprehensive 1 Utama, many residents in the community still frequent it for the many conveniences it offers – especially food. Barely a month old, Baan Kun Ya, a Thai restaurant owned by the Thai Odyssey group is the latest to open here.

Baan Kun Ya Thai Dining

Baan Kun Ya Thai Dining Restaurant

Looking at the restaurant’s elaborate decor and well-designed menu, you could tell that they have put in a lot of heart and effort to bring customers a new dining experience. No matter where you look, something grabs the eye in this warm and cozy restaurant. This place is definitely befitting the nickname of “Grandma’s House”.
And since every dish is cooked from scratch, you are able to specify the level of heat you would like in the food. But as it is, they are mildly spicy – just enough to give the kick.

Baan Kun Ya Thai Seafood Vermicelli Salad

Baan Kun Ya’s menu stays true to authentic traditional Thai so you won’t find any local or foreign dishes in it. Yum Woon Sen (Thai Seafood Vermicelli Salad) @ RM28 is a salad worth sharing (or even fight over) for its exciting flavours. Expect your palate to be wowed by the myriad of flavours in this tangy and refreshing salad.

Baan Kun Ya Smoked-Duck-Red-Curry

Two curries are available: green (vegetables/chicken/beef) or red, which is prepared with smoked duck (Panang Phet) @ RM42. Boneless duck breast meat is used for the dish and the perfect ratio of fat, skin and meat in each slice guarantees a satisfying bite accompanied by a rich and creamy curry. Highly recommended, unless you have a particular disdain for duck.

Baan Kun Ya Creamy Seafood Tomyam

Tomyam lovers won’t be disappointed either. Baan Kun Ya’s creamy tomyam is added with milk and chili paste to create that desirable consistency. A small portion, prepared with mixed seafood costs RM38 and comes in a generous portion with sea-fresh prawns, plenty of fish slices and squids. It can be shared easily among three diners.

Kangkung Belacan Paku

Pak Kut Phad Gar Pi (Stir-fried Paku with Belacan) @ RM22, simply for the sake of having a balanced meal. This dish hardly goes wrong.

Baan Kun Ya Mung Bean Candies

When dining at Baan Kun Ya, it’s important to save some space for desserts because they offer some of the more uncommon ones that are very worthwhile. Among all, I think the Mung Beans Jelly (Look Choop) @ RM24 is a must-try for incorporating basic ingredients into a piece of art.
What appears to be a mix of chili, pepper and brinjal are actually candies made by wrapping mung beans cooked with coconut milk in fruit and vegetables shaped jellies. Cute, colourful and playful – simply ingenious and one of a kind! If you are wondering, it tastes similar to Red Tortoise Cake or better known as ‘Ang Ku Kueh’.

Rainbow Coconut Jelly

Another delightful option would be the Rainbow Coconut Jelly (Woon Jet See) @ RM12 that will remind you of the sweet memories of your childhood. Firm and bouncy with a light and uplifting aroma of coconut.

Purple Floating Lotus

Baan Kun Ya 5 Colored Crispy Rubies

But of course if you want to stick with the familiar, the usual Thai desserts such as mango sticky rice and rubies are available too. The differences between the Purple Floating Lotus (RM8) and 5-Colored Crispy Rubies (RM12) are the texture and flavour, with the former being chewy and salty-sweet while the latter is sweet, chewy and crunchy in the center.

Baan Kun Ya Restaurant Thai Food

Baan Kun Ya Dessert Section

Baan Kun Ya Thai Restaurant Centrepoint

With everything considered, Baan Kun Ya is a breath of fresh air. It’s not exactly cheap but worth it if you’re out looking for a nice and memorable meal. So come for the food and stay for the dessert and ambiance.
To look for the restaurant, simply proceed to the new wing of Centrepoint and go up one floor using the escalator and make a right turn. It is also worth mentioning that parking is free in the weekends.

Baan Kun Ya Thai Restaurant Bandar Utama

Restoran Baan Kun Ya Thai Dining

Baan Kun Ya Thai Dining
F107-F110, 1st Floor, Centrepoint
No.3, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 PJ
Tel: 03-7733 3337
Business hours: 11.30am – 11pm

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