Banana Leaf @ Raju Restaurant, Petaling Jaya (Jalan Gasing)

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While I was still working in PJ, Raju’s at Jalan Gasing had always been the top choice for Banana Leaf among my colleagues. There are a couple of reasons they like this place but the main ones are: fried chicken and a large outdoor seating that could accomodate big groups.
Strategically located near the green lung of PJ – Raju’s is quite cooling even in a hot afternoon much thanks to the many big trees around that act as nature’s umbrellas. So, when compared to the other Banana Leaf restaurants that are usually cramped, Raju’s dining environment is more open and inviting.


Raju’s mascot would be the first thing to greet you upon reaching the restaurant. I am still struggling to decide whether it is a smiling tosai or cigarette.


I am aware there are many complaints about Raju’s service. But I had been here quite a number of times and we never had problems with the service. You see, friendly service with a smile! That, or because of my camera.


Although they are also famous for their roti canai (how good I don’t know since I never tried), Banana Leaf with fried fish are what I always order here. Yeah, I am not exactly a big fan of their fried chicken – a bit too tough for my liking. If you are wondering, that vague looking piece of dark thing is actually a fish roll, ok?

Raju Restaurant PJ

Anyway, the truth is that eating at Raju’s is not going to cheap. You would probably have to spend around RM10-20 for a meal (drink included, say teh tarik) if you took any meat. Among the many Banana Leaf restaurants that I have been to, I would consider Raju’s one of the most expensive. The fact that they have a sign like this says it all.


Various curries being peddled – prawn, chicken and lamb. Again, service with a smile.


Fried squids are another highly popular dish here, which I find nothing worth shouting about except the fact that it always taste fresh and hot since they are prepared only upon order.


Well you can’t go wrong with the fried fish that’s for sure. Very crispy and you could even eat the head if you wanted to.


Pre-marinated seafood waiting to go into the deep frying pot.


Traditional Indian cakes sold in front of the shop, popular especially among the ladies.


And finally, some house rules to observe here. Do pay attention and sit at your own risk.


Raju Restaurant
Jalan Chantek, Off Jalan Gasing
Petaling Jaya
GPS Coordinates: N3 06.099 E101 39.226
Business hours: Mon-Sun (6.30am to 10pm)
Tel: 03-7956 1361

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