Beard Papa’s and Queensbay Mall

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It has been approximately 1 week since Queensbay Mall opened its doors to shoppers in Penang. Since then I have been there for 5 times! Once even before it opened, just to have a glimpse of what the largest and longest mall in Northern Malaysia will look like. And to think that some jealous competitors spreading false news via SMS 2 weeks ago about a collapse in Queensbay Mall.. Hmm, what a cheap tactic.

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Beard Papa’s is something new here. It was attracting a lot of passersby so I decided to have a look. Apparently Beard Papa’s is known as the bakery of the “World’s Best Cream Puffs“. And of course, I think that’s self-claimed :P

A lady who saw me approaching immediately tried to convince me to buy a couple of cream puffs to try. The conversation goes like this,

Lady: Hey hey, wanna try some cream puffs? They are very nice one.

Me: Hmm, how much for a piece?

Lady: Only RM15 per box of 5, and RM3.30 if bought individually. Buy now and keep in the fridge, tommorow still can eat lah~

Me: HAR? RM3.30 for one? So expensive!

Lady: No lah. Once you try, you won’t feel it’s expensive. It’s very worth one!

Me: (Thinks for a while…) OK lah, try something new.

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This is how a Beard Papa’s World’s Best Cream Puff looks like – crispy on the outside and topped with icing sugar.

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A bite reveals the vanilla cream in the cream puff. It tasted like the egg custard in egg tarts, just not as sweet and milkier.

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In the center of Queensbay Mall are 3 big Christmas trees which remind me of the ones in KLCC. They are beautifully lit and provide a great spot for visitors to take photos.

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If you have never seen the huge Christmas trees in KLCC, looking at the ones in Queensbay Mall will do as well – just imagine enlarging them 2-3x bigger ;) Oh yeah, T.G.I Friday’s is already open? Ooooh, can’t wait to have their Mocha Mud Pie again :drool:

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