Braised Fish Head & Fried La La @ New De Place, Kepong

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**This restaurant has closed**

Clam dishes are one of our personal favourites and although they are commonly available at any Chinese restaurant, the ones that are worth recommending are pretty hard to come by. Recently, we stumbled upon this small eatery along Kepong‘s Glutton Street that serves up delicious fried la la and braised fish head. New De Place sounds a bit weird but it is the name of the place.


Grouper head is used for their special fish head and it costs RM14 for a small portion – just nice for two people. Since taucu is the main seasoning for this dish it has a strong umami flavor and tastes simply appetizing.


The clams we had were fresh and properly purged so they did not have the gritty stuff in them. You’d think that this should be a standard procedure when it comes to cooking clams, but there are chefs who cut corners. They were not overcooked as well, the flesh was still plump and juicy with a clean yet savory taste.


The rare Sand Whiting fish is available here and they are deep fried to a golden, crispy crunch. As I know this species of fish is considered a prized delicacy and not available in the coast of Malaysia. So they cost slightly expensive @ RM3.50 each – worth trying if they are new to you, almost the entire fish could be eaten except for its stiff backbone and head.

Bak Kut Teh is also available here @ RM11/portion – mediocre at best and I wouldn’t really recommend it.



There is also a Chinese BBQ stall here where you could get roast pork, char siew and roast duck rice or noodles (wantan mee). If you don’t compare with the famous ones in KL, the char siew here is actually quite OK. As for the roast duck, it isn’t exactly fantastic but should be sufficiently good for a quick, no-frills meal.


New De Place Fish Head & Bak Kut Teh
Gerai 29, Jalan Besar Kepong Baru,
52100 KL
GPS Coordinates:
Business hours: 8am-2.30pm, 6pm-10.30pm

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