Bread and Olive @ Ampang Look Out Point, Jalan Ampang – Hulu Langat

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Fancy a dining place where you can enjoy an open environment with cool breeze and amazing view? Then Ampang Look Out Point is the place to be. Located on a hill top, it is no doubt one of the most unique and coolest place you can ever be in KL. It features a look out point tower for visitors to enjoy an breathtaking unobstructed view of Kuala Lumpur with a few restaurants great for gatherings and meals.


The best time to reach there would be sometime before the sun sets for safety (road leading to the place is winding and dark with no lights) and parking reasons. We spent 1.5 hours alone to reach Look Out Point from Kepong due to the horrible traffic jam at Jalan Ampang so it’s advisable to take other routes if possible like via MRR2. We reached around 7.15pm and this was the view as seen from the look out point tower. Too bad it was a little hazy that day.


This is the look out point tower as mentioned. Climb up for the best panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur.


Restaurants here like Haven and Gasoline serve mostly Western and local cuisine with the exception of Bread and Olive, which serves Mediterranean Fusion cuisine. Haven is the latest restaurant to open here. They took over the previous restaurant’s location, did some renovation and launched about nine months ago.


Gasoline Cafe is especially popular with the youngsters for its variety of fusion food, and probably due to its private tatami type of dining rooms.


We chose Bread and Olive because it was the least crowded, and sitting by the window granted us a nice view. This is the special seating area in Bread and Olive – situated right at the center of the restaurant with wooden chairs and table.


The selection of food at Bread and Olive is good and price wise it’s quite reasonable for a place like this. Since the primary reason we came was for the view instead of food, we didn’t have high expectations and so should you.
Lower your expectations and you might enjoy your meal more. It’s not that the food was bad.. it was actually pretty OK but nothing great.


This huge Chicken Pepperoni Pizza was only RM22 and could easily satisfy three people. The portion might be the only good thing about it because the pizza felt like eating bread with cheese melted on top plus some chicken sausages. If you like thin crunchy based pizza with a crispy crust this is definitely not for you.


Flame Grilled Chicken @ RM17 served with aromatic rice. This was much better but make sure you specify for drumstick if possible because the breast meat was kinda tough.


Deviled Spring Chicken @ RM27.20 was perhaps the nicest dish that night. It was tender and the spicy mushroom sauce was interesting (in a good way).


Make sure you come early to get the best seats available to enjoy Kuala Lumpur’s night view.


You get to see Bread and Olive’s kitchen in action if you’re sitting at the restaurant’s lower floor, which is also outdoor. Pizzas were baked in this gas-powered brick oven.


This is the night view as viewed from Haven restaurant. Amazing isn’t it – having the whole Kuala Lumpur as your background while you eat.


And finally some shots of Kuala Lumpur at night as seen from Ampang Look-Out Point, all taken without using a tripod. OK the city might look tiny in photo and does not do much justification to the view but in reality it’s quite impressive. You just gotta see it for yourself.


Let’s zoom in closer.


And closer… aaaah much better. So, if you have never been to Ampang Look Out Point before I highly suggest you do so. To be able to get a hold of the awesome view itself is well worth the trouble of getting there. A really nice getaway for you and your “special one” and also for the family.

ampang lookout point map

OK now comes the tricky part: how to get there? For me, I just used Google Maps and got the direction from there. On the way there I made 3 to 4 stops to ask for directions lol – obviously not the best thing to do. So here’s the map (click to enlarge) I got from Gasoline’s website.. it’s a very useful map on how to get there.
If you are still unsure, just follow Jalan Ampang all the way until you see any road signs turning into the new Carrefour at Jalan Taman Putra. From there, just look for a steep road leading up a hill with the road sign saying “Kajang”.

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