Bread and Olive @ Ampang Look Out Point, Jalan Ampang – Hulu Langat


Fancy a dining place where you can enjoy an open environment with cool breeze and amazing view? Then Ampang Look Out Point is the place to be. Located on a hill top, it is no doubt one of the most unique and coolest place you can ever be in KL. It features a look out point tower for visitors to enjoy an breathtaking unobstructed view of Kuala Lumpur with a few restaurants great for gatherings and meals.


The best time to reach there would be sometime before the sun sets for safety (road leading to the place is winding and dark with no lights) and parking reasons. We spent 1.5 hours alone to reach Look Out Point from Kepong due to the horrible traffic jam at Jalan Ampang so it’s advisable to take other routes if possible like via MRR2. We reached around 7.15pm and this was the view as seen from the look out point tower. Too bad it was a little hazy that day.


This is the look out point tower as mentioned. Climb up for the best panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur.


Restaurants here like Haven and Gasoline serve mostly Western and local cuisine with the exception of Bread and Olive, which serves Mediterranean Fusion cuisine. Haven is the latest restaurant to open here. They took over the previous restaurant’s location, did some renovation and launched about nine months ago.


Gasoline Cafe is especially popular with the youngsters for its variety of fusion food, and probably due to its private tatami type of dining rooms.


We chose Bread and Olive because it was the least crowded, and sitting by the window granted us a nice view. This is the special seating area in Bread and Olive – situated right at the center of the restaurant with wooden chairs and table.


The selection of food at Bread and Olive is good and price wise it’s quite reasonable for a place like this. Since the primary reason we came was for the view instead of food, we didn’t have high expectations and so should you.
Lower your expectations and you might enjoy your meal more. It’s not that the food was bad.. it was actually pretty OK but nothing great.


This huge Chicken Pepperoni Pizza was only RM22 and could easily satisfy three people. The portion might be the only good thing about it because the pizza felt like eating bread with cheese melted on top plus some chicken sausages. If you like thin crunchy based pizza with a crispy crust this is definitely not for you.


Flame Grilled Chicken @ RM17 served with aromatic rice. This was much better but make sure you specify for drumstick if possible because the breast meat was kinda tough.


Deviled Spring Chicken @ RM27.20 was perhaps the nicest dish that night. It was tender and the spicy mushroom sauce was interesting (in a good way).


Make sure you come early to get the best seats available to enjoy Kuala Lumpur’s night view.


You get to see Bread and Olive’s kitchen in action if you’re sitting at the restaurant’s lower floor, which is also outdoor. Pizzas were baked in this gas-powered brick oven.


This is the night view as viewed from Haven restaurant. Amazing isn’t it – having the whole Kuala Lumpur as your background while you eat.


And finally some shots of Kuala Lumpur at night as seen from Ampang Look-Out Point, all taken without using a tripod. OK the city might look tiny in photo and does not do much justification to the view but in reality it’s quite impressive. You just gotta see it for yourself.


Let’s zoom in closer.


And closer… aaaah much better. So, if you have never been to Ampang Look Out Point before I highly suggest you do so. To be able to get a hold of the awesome view itself is well worth the trouble of getting there. A really nice getaway for you and your “special one” and also for the family.

ampang lookout point map

OK now comes the tricky part: how to get there? For me, I just used Google Maps and got the direction from there. On the way there I made 3 to 4 stops to ask for directions lol – obviously not the best thing to do. So here’s the map (click to enlarge) I got from Gasoline’s website.. it’s a very useful map on how to get there.
If you are still unsure, just follow Jalan Ampang all the way until you see any road signs turning into the new Carrefour at Jalan Taman Putra. From there, just look for a steep road leading up a hill with the road sign saying “Kajang”.

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  1. I went there a few times but never have meal there..
    maybe I should go there within this month..on my birthday!
    Thanks for the maps..cox my friends (another gang of friends) wan to go but dunno how and I never remember direction..=p

    • Hi there….im a August baby too… plan to go there with bunch of friends….but i think better not la..whole world will flock up there to get the best fireworks view that night..
      : )

  2. Hi VK,

    Just to drop a note to say I always find interesting posts here and mostly would survey around for food recommendations. Your effort is really fantastic and keep up the good work!!

  3. Hmm, I ate at B & O once, food was terrible on that day, friends who usually go there complain too, said normally it don’t suck like that, maybe chef took leave or had stomach ache gua… Never had the chance to go upstairs, and one thing, if anyone go there, I don’t advise you to go Gasoline(There was a girl who told her friend on the HP they are eating at Gas-Online, needless to say, we wonder is there a copycat nearby, soon we found out they sat few tables away from us, nuff said), the stuff there is good, same like other Gasoline stations, its just that you can’t get good view! Except if you sit at the few tables near to B&O, than you can see a little view.
    My 2cent la (I like Gasoline actually!~Unique~)

  4. Hi vkeong, i been there a lot of times, Would suggest the restaurant on top of gasoline. Food is so so only but definately better than gasoline and B & O. They also tend to be friendly to the pocket

  5. i have always seen ppl post about it and still havent find my time to go there yet. surely its a nice place to visit.. bout the food, seena lot of blogger complain bout it..:)

  6. Two years ago I went to ‘haven” before, the food was not bad with the excellent nice KL night view.
    Seem like when I go, I not realize the gasonline restaurant, recently this restaurant have open their branch at penang timesquare, but seem like the food at Penang branch is so so only.

  7. vkeong, u should put GPS co-ordinate of the location.
    That will really be appreciated.
    I believe alot of them uses GPS sets now days, either phone built in or external.
    Its becoming quite crucial now days to have GPS.
    Truly believe u will look into this.

    Food Lover

  8. Hi, may I know the contact number for Look Out Point?? cause seems there’s lots of phone numbers available online…however,im not sure which will be the one for Look Out Point Restaurant. Thanks in advance =)

  9. Hey VK,

    Juz wana say a big thank u 4 d useful map & directions info. I juz got back from Look Out Point & had a great moment there. Definitely a great place 2 hang out & chill. I said, thanks 2 u, I’m able 2 have a pleasant dinner with my friend juz now. *applause*

      • Ya..& apparently, a few days b4, I got lost during d 1st time going 2 dat place ( Google Maps r kinda confusing, lolz ). Then, a few days later, I stumbled upon ur blog. With d visual map provided, I’m able 2 reach dat place. Anyways, keep up d gud work !! Cheers…. :D

  10. Hi VKeong. The pictures you shared are just amazing. I went there yesterday. I am a big fan of the fatayers (if that is how you spell it) and the salad at Bread and Olives. Thanks for blogging it! Awesome Place! I hope to go there again.

    PS: David, thanks for the web link. They have some good tips there.

  11. Hello there VKeong! I was just going thru few websites and suddenly found yours. I really like your photographs!:D
    Actually, I’m a student and I really am interested in photography and hopefully i’ll own my own Canon DSLR camera soon. I love food as well! and hopefully you do more of this! I really like and love it! thank you! :D


  13. i went with my friends to Look Out Point Western Food during new year eve, we ve plan it 2 weeks in advance…. hoping to stay til midnite fireworks…. but out of our expectation, we left your restaurant & to other place after the so called “rush new year eve dinner”. while i was having my dinner which was just arrived, your waiter bring the bill asking us to pay first.
    wat a service you all offering…. like we dont have money to pay or wanna kick us off after dinner…. we are so disappointed !!!

  14. I like all those pictures and the style in introducing all foods!! AWE!! Is so tempting that I could really search for something great here whenever I have no idea where to go around for my meals!! thx for your blog and I’ll link this blog to mine as well…waiting for more in future~
    Keep job well ^^

  15. hey, do u mind to share all tis information in our sites? It is really a awesome place. It would be great if u allow me to share all this information with others.
    dun worry, we would acknowledge u in our site.

  16. Seems like gasoline has close down also. The look out tower has been changed into a restaurant called Panorama Restaurant. Just visited the place last Sunday

  17. Please DO NOT go to Panaroma Restaurant. They serve lukewarm food. The service is bad. And if you are to go to the restaurant, be aware that the price of food ordered at the tower costs more than the usual one. I would never go back to the restaurant again!

  18. Hii … i went there the other day with my friends and the food at gasoline sucked. So we went up to the tower restaurant and our bill came to a bomb.. maddd!!! Please dont go there and the food is not that good as well. Look out point is also on facebook now…. !! and they have a website not bad :)

  19. Hey, first of all i would like to say that this blog is really helpful..!! Thank you vkeong!!
    I went there last week, we had dinner at the new restaurant panorama! lol firstly, if you choose to sit at the tower its different price then the menu is also different. and the best part was a can of coke was RM9.90. WTF!! I think the place is beautiful and the view as well but the managment should stop all this. Just because the place is nice and alot of people visit the hill doesnt mean that they take advantage and charge so much… then we had supper at haven it was abit cheaper but still the same.. :) Look out point is also on facebook now.. :)

  20. I would say the food was really bad. Shit being an understatement. Pricey compared to the ‘quality’ of the food, if I could even use that word.
    But worst of all would be the jockey service. I requested the jockey service if I could park in a designated parking space (not blocking any other cars), pay them the jockey fee but allow me to keep my car keys with me as I wouldn’t want any mishaps to happen because I felt it was dodgy. When I requested that, I was rudely replied by a group of the jockey service members. They did not give me any valid reason and kept shrugging me off and even told me that if I didn’t like it here that I could leave.
    What a thing to tell your potential customers! I was angered and demanded to talk/meet the manager. The jocky service guy told me that if I wanted to talk, I should talk to him. I told him that I would like to talk to the manager instead and he replied “WHY SHOULD I CALL THE MANAGEMENT?” he rolled his eyes, shrugged his shoulders and walked off during our conversation. HOW RUDE and as we were arguing, another one of the jockey members was complaining loudly and said “MAAKKK AIHHH LAH CUSTOMER NIH!” (indicating that we were troublesome customers)
    I would strongly suggest to NOT go to Look Out Point. As the food, price, service and location really sucked.

  21. it was few months ago when I came here at night, since the parking is full I decided to pass my car to concierge (jockey). I left few ringgit (RM1 notes and coins) in coins compartment. And to make thing worse I left my ipod in dashboard. Unfortunately, all gone when I took my car back. No sign of car-breaking at all. When I make a complaint they simply say “it’s not our responsibility” WTF! I know it was my mistake but clearly the car jockey stole it. I heard the same case from my friend who had their money stolen from this car jockey place.

  22. went to look out point @8.30pm (27/01) confirmed closed. the entrance was sealed and there were 2 policemen guarding the entrance. reason: unknown

  23. Hi! VK…
    I share some of your pictures & information regarding the Ampang Look-Up Point in my blog…
    Sad to say that I do not manage to get there as it already been sealed & closed by MPKj for certain reasons highlighted in my blog…
    So, thanks ya for the useful info & great pix (^^,).

  24. Do any of you know an alternative place for ampang look out point, because I have believe this place is reasonable and also beautiful. Any ideas of somewhat a similar concept around KL? Thanks.

    P/S: This is rather urgent.

  25. if you want a good view of the city, there is a bunch of mamak along the road before the look out point coming up from ampang, with roughly the same view of the city skyline…cheap teh tarik + good view?


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