Brewerkz Restaurant & Microbrewery @ Clarke Quay, Singapore


A boring and hot Saturday noon brought us to Brewerkz, a restaurant and microbrewery at Singapore riverside, Clarke Quay. Even though I am not a drinker, I found the homemade beer to be irresistibly cheap to ignore.
A mug (300ml) of beer is only $3.99 before 3pm and the price actually triples at night! So during the day would be the best time to sample the wide range of beers Brewerkz has to offer.

brewerkz golden-ale

I admit I am not the best person to comment on the quality of the beer but it is very drinkable, like a lighter and smoother version of Carlsberg. The Golden Ale (front) and Indian Pale Ale (back, $4.99) are two of the highly recommended beers that won a few awards too.


Actually I have been to Brewerkz before about 2 months ago but I only had my dinner here without trying any of the beers. Like I said before, the price of the beers shoot through the roof at night – certainly didn’t feasible for the sake of trying.
The food American-style food here generally good, better than the average TGIF or Tony Roma we have back in Malaysia. I will blog about that next time.

brewerkz clarke quay

It’s pretty quiet for a bar so you can spend your afternoon here either watching some sports on TV, or just hanging out with your friends. Or you can just enjoy the beautiful view of Clarke Quay, which I prefer to do at night because it’s just too hot outside.
Arrays of beer brewing tanks can be seen behind the bar adding the wow factor to the relaxing atmosphere. A fun thing to do is to order the sampler set, which can consist from 4 to 7 types of beers in small glasses to be shared among friends.


A goblet (350ml) of Fruitwerkz (Cherry flavored beer) @ $6.49. After finishing this I was feeling tipsy already lol.


Brewerkz Restaurant & Microbrewery
30 Merchant Road
#01-05/06 Riverside Pt, Singapore



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