Bukit Cina Wantan Mee @ Dung Fong Food Court, Melaka

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Melaka‘s Wantan Mee is one of a kind and you should give it a try whenever you pop by the state. Hailing from Penang where the Wantan Mee is prepared in dark soya sauce and eaten together with pickled chillies, I must admit that the Malaccan (or southern Malaysia) style of Wantan Mee seems weird to me at first – especially the part where they mix the chilli sauce directly into the noodles. I have no issues with the noodles being white though, as the Wantan Mee I grew up eating with looks about the same.


For those who are new to this style of Wantan Mee, I would suggest the stall at Dung Fong coffee shop for a start. To the locals, it is more often referred as ‘Bukit Cina Wantan Mee‘. Anyway, the reason I recommend this particular stall is due to the fact that it changed my perception towards the Malaccan Wantan Mee, while the rest failed. Instead of feeeling it is weird, I actually enjoyed it and am able to appreciate the chilli sauce. My only gripes on the noodles would be the slight oiliness and the ‘red coloring’ char siew.

dung-fong Bukit Cina Wantan Mee

But firstly, there are a few things to take note of. One: it only opens at night for dinner and supper. Two: waiting time is long when it hits peak hour so be prepared to wait for like an hour before food actually arrives. And the lack of tables in the coffee shop make matters worse, which is why most people take away here. Three: the ladyboss has a temper and would shout at customers if you manage to piss her off. Knowing the last fact beforehand, I avoided placing order with her and engaged the young man (son or the helper?) in the pic instead. He is a nice chap and remembered our orders admist the chaos.

Bukit Cina Wantan

Old school bite sized Wantan is served here. Good thing is they don’t stinge on the filling. Each Wantan, as small as it looks at least had sufficient fillings that did not feel like chewing on watery-flour-gloop.


Another specialty here would be the Braised Chicken Feet. It is delicious I tell you, definitely worth trying as well.

Bukit Cina Wantan Mee uncle

Bukit Cina Wantan Mee stall


So in case you are thinking of having Satay Celup again for supper, why not consider Bukit Cina Wantan Mee?

Dung Fong Food Court
Off Jalan Temenggong, Melaka
GPS Coordinates: N2 11.694 E102 15.251

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