Bukit Mertajam Duck Egg Char Koay Teow


I bet many of you have heard of the famous “Sisters’ Koay Teow” from Lorong Selamat. Well, they can move aside. Being simply overrated and overpriced, RM5.00 for a plate? It is plain outrageous. It tastes like normal CKT you would buy from anywhere else, just with bigger prawns -_- Worse still, you have to QUEUE for it, self service!

If you are from BM, chances are you have already sampled the best Char Koay Teow (CKT) in Penang, and IMO the best I’ve tasted so far. Bring any of your friends to try it, they will simply agree with you that it is the best.

duck egg char koay teow

A good plate of CKT must fulfill the following,

  1. Fried using lards, plenty of them. It’s unhealthy but it makes the dish so much nicer, so who cares? :P
  2. Use charcoal instead of gas.
  3. Fried with duck eggs. Because fried duck eggs have a nicer feel to the bite compared to normal fried chicken eggs. They are more fragrant too.
  4. Include lots of cockles, and big fat prawns. Throw in a few slices of Chinese Sausage too if possible.
  5. And finally, serve on a piece of (clean) banana leaf, to enhance the aroma.

duck egg upclose

Photos of the CKT shown above are taken in the famous Duck Egg CKT stall in BM. This is a family business run by 3 brothers daily from 9.30pm until midnight in 3 separate locations: taxi station, train station and along Jalan Kulim. This stall is a must for me and my friends during Chinese New Year, we would have a great time eating and talking about our school lives. It is kind of like a reunion spot for us.

If possible, go to the stall along Jalan Kulim as it is the best. One of the younger brother (operating in train station) is relatively new to frying so it might not taste as good as the other two. Before this he only helped out by serving the customers and making drinks. He can be recognized very easily by his long hair.

duck egg CKT stall

A normal plate of CKT costs RM2.20, big ones cost RM2.70. You can opt for an extra “hor-bao” duck egg as topping for RM0.70. I didn’t know they raised the all the price by 20cents until I went last weekend. For me, RM2.20 a plate is still cheap and worth it because the boss is not stingy with the ingredients: 4-5 medium sized prawns and generous amount of cockles :)

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  1. Yaya… tried it b4. But, I really like char kuey tiao but hor… very oily and easy get fat loh. Hehe… ehh… there noon de Curry Mee also nice, rite? :)

  2. Look at the color of the CKT next time u order (or look at your pic above), it is “over fried ” color , the prawn is hun-hun( powder-powder one) small and not fresh, only the cockles can eat, the rest is rubish…..

  3. Of course la, maybe the guy is not in the very good mood, very oily le for sure. I even saw him pouring out the excessive oil before serving that night 10.30pm Saturday 03 Nov 07, ………my god !

  4. Only good food in BM are the Yam Rice & Beef noodle, the rest ( Hokkien Mee, Curry Mee, Dim Sum …) all rubbish, the hawkers never put in their “heart & soul” when they are preparing their food, all they care is to make $$$, never border about the detail, the famous Chicken Feet Loh Mee charge you $2.20 and only give you the mee and 1.5 chicken feet ( because he cut each chic foot into 2 pcs, god !)
    never mind lah, there are lot of people who are so “like to eat” but in real life don’t know how to differentiate good food & rubbish.

  5. Konghu Lang – I see.. well for hokkien mee i really don’t know any nice place for it. For curry mee the one in taman sri rambai is good, dunno you agree with me or not. For dim sum the nicer ones are “Huang Zho” and “Soon Hong”. And i think you missed out the tua pek kong kon lo mee in the mornings, that is definitely nice. Also, the cendol opposite ping min school, is good also right?

    Where did you eat the famous chicken feet loh mee? Mind telling me? I stayed here for so long but didn’t even hear about it.

    Anyway do you have any recommendation for good hokkien mee, curry mee and dim sum? I’d love to hear your opinion :D

  6. vkeong, never like the Penang style Curry Mee cos they prepare the santan and curry spices separately, some more Cina here is not good at curry spices selection.
    The best curry mee I’ve tried was in East Coast (Kota Bharu), a littel lemak with fish ball, yong tau hu, siew mai, Pig Leg Meat Ball and they cook the curry with santan and spices together (the right way to cook curry anyway)

    The chic feet Loh Mee is beside the Sentosa Food Court, breakfast only.

    Dimsum in BM is so so only, the one in Taman Perkaka, Sg Dua Penang is much better, cheap and freshly steam. And not far from FTZ, don’t need to cramp at the Sg Nibong Kuew Tiau Teng which taste like tap water and still lots of your colleagues like to go.

  7. Konghu Lang – Oh, sentosa there.. I very seldom go there to eat. I know there are some very good food like yam rice, belacan chicken and pastries..

    Maybe to you the dim sum in BM is not that great, but since this blog also serve to introduce the places to eat in BM, I think I have listed out the better dim sum restaurants (of course it cannot fight with Ipoh Tai Thong dim sum?) I went to try one in Taman Pekaka, called Maxim? The dim sum there sucks, mind telling me which one you’d recommend? Nowadays I only go to Georgetown to eat dim sum.. Thanks first

    The Sg. Nibong koay teow soup ah.. I think it’s quite good, definitely above par compared the rest in FTZ area don’t you think?

  8. Keong,

    Next time, I wanna got Penang. I let you know then u guide me to eat the CKT w Duck Egg, k? I really wanna try…


  9. Elaine.. this is the map I am able to doodle up..


    Sorry if it’s not that clear.. because that area don’t have any landmark except BM Country Club. If you know how to go there, then you can find it easily because it’s directly opposite it. It’s only open at night from 8 something onwards..

    The main road leads to St Anne Church, from BM town.. good luck

  10. Where exactly is the famous curry mee in Sri Rambai. TQ

    vk: You can find it next to the market.. opposite the bak kut teh shops in the houses.. when you enter Taman Sri Rambai.. you will cross a small bridge which is next to a kindergarden right? Go straight for a bout 1-2 minutes and you will see a lot of hawkers on your left.. that’s where it is.

  11. Austin Height J.B Char Koay Teow Is Still the best to ckt eating as concerned not oily & pure authentic taste .located at soon tuck restoran.chech it out & must try.penang fine……..yummy tummy.

  12. For me best curry mee in BM is in Taman Rambai, the make shift food court on the way to Jit Sin secondary school. But only after 7pm.

    The other one not too far away is Chai Leng Park – coffee shop on the old cinema side.
    And try the fried oyster, you will not regret.

    Ya, the duck eyes fried koay teow by the 3 brothers is not bad but watch the cholesterol, very oily one lor! Best of the brothers is the one along Kulim Rd, he used to be at Station Road.

  13. Hie vkeong,

    The duck egg char koay teow is not opposite bm country club lah..BM country club is inside taman sentosa which would be very misleading to use that as a landmark. could use bm baptist church, st. anne’s church, kim sen sch and shell petrol station as possible landmarks instead? just thought u should change ur directions :P anyway, good job on the blog. long live BM food!!! could u review yam rice and tua pek kong’s curry mee too?!

  14. The char-koay-teow at Jalan Kulim has moved. Do you know where is the new place? Would appreciate if you could let us know. Thanks. I had given your blog address to my niece in USA. Whenever she comes back she will head to your recommended eateries. Thanks.

  15. Thanks for informing. Is the name of the coffee shop “yang kuang” (Sunlight?) which is located behind Old Town. Once again, thanks.


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