Burger-Mbira @ Damansara Uptown

Did a drop by to Damansara Uptown recently and found that Brother John was replaced by Burger-mbira, another popular burger stall which originated from Shah Alam. From what we were told, the coffee shop owner actually went out and around tasting numerous burgers to look for a replacement for Brother John. In the end, Burger-mbira was chosen and was persuaded to relocate here.

CEO Burger @ Bandar Menjalara, Kepong (CLOSED)

The time is long overdue for the Kepong folks to have their own burger specialty joint. With the opening of C.E.O Burger at Plaza Menjalara, we finally have one. The name's a bit cliché...

Texas Hotdog & Burger @ Taman Paramount, PJ

I was at Taman Paramount last week and spotted this nondescript food truck selling hot dogs and burgers. I usually don't pay extra attention to burger trucks but there was something peculiar about them...
Daily Burger Stall Gombak 7 Eleven

Daily Burger Ramly Burger Stall @ Taman Sri Gombak

Sometimes all you want is to chow down a burger that won't cost around 20 bucks. You don't need the burger to be made with 100% Australian grain fed beef, organic lettuce, homemade secret sauces and served sandwiched in a charcoal bun. In Gombak, there exists a burger stall that outsells McDonald's just across the street and it's called Daily Burger.

Burger Maut (Burger of Death) @ Semabok, Melaka

I have rented rooms and houses at many different towns in Selangor, KL and Penang since I started to work. And everywhere I stayed, I made sure I found a good Ramly Burger stall...

Big Papa Burger @ Gou Lou Mamak (高佬妈妈档), Kepong

Named after their signature burger, Big Papa is a new burger stall in Gou Lou Mamak & Western Food (高佬妈妈档) started by a bunch of young entrepreneurs not long ago. To make a mark, they came up with a humongous eight inch burger that's bigger than a personal pizza.

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