Tryst Cafe @ Publika

Tryst Cafe Publika Solaris Dutamas KL
Tryst Cafe Publika Solaris Dutamas KL

**Tryst Cafe Publika has ceased operations**

After operating for 3 years in Subang Jaya, Tryst cafe finally opened their first branch in Publika. They are predominantly known for their coffee and pancakes, but I think their hot food is equally good and deserves more attention.

Tryst Cafe Solaris Dutamas Publika

The first thing I notice upon entering Tryst is that they employ locals to run the cafe. Whether you believe it or not, that to me has always been a sign of positive things to come.

Tryst Cafe Blackboard Menu

The menu is extensive, sensibly priced and caters for all appetites throughout the day. Just to clarify, they do have a proper menu if you don’t want to order off the board.

Frito Misto Snack Platter

The Frito Misto @ RM18 is a combination of different snacks which are also available ala carte. They are fish tempura, fried calamari, fried shrimps and French fries. This basket could be shared comfortably among three or more people.

Fried Prawns and Squid Rings

My only gripe was the fried shrimps which were overcooked so the texture was a tad rubbery. Otherwise, it’s all good.

Tryst Lamb Chop Spaghetti

Tryst’s specialties are spaghetti served with a main item. We had the Lamb Chop + Spaghetti @ RM28 and as you can see, the portion is massive – great for those who are really hungry.
The spaghetti was well seasoned, nicely fried with a hint of ‘wok hei’ and managed to impress on its own. So the lamb chop was truly just the icing on the cake. Other options (also with spaghetti) include battered fish @ RM22 and chicken chop @ RM24.

Tryst Cafe Chicken Chop

For something familiar and comforting it’s hard to go wrong with their Grilled Chicken Chop @ RM24. This is the textbook version of a simple, yet delicious chicken chop done right. Nothing fancy, just a succulent piece of chicken thigh served with a good mushroom sauce and hot and crispy fries.

Tryst Cafe Rib Eye Steak

The Rib Eye steak is the most expensive item on the menu which clocks in at RM30. It’s not exactly steakhouse quality but still satisfyingly tender.

Strawberry Puree Pancakes

Tryst Chocolate Banana French Toast

Dessert wise, the Strawberry Puree Pancake @ RM7 and Banana Chocolate French Toast @ RM9 were excellent. I strongly recommend you to try them even if you don’t feel like having a full meal.

Tryst Cafe Ayam Percik with Rice and Tomyam

Like most cafes in town, Tryst (Publika only) also offers set lunch at RM12 nett. Their best seller is the Chicken Percik served with rice, mango kerabu, fish ball tomyam and iced tea. I can only describe the percik sauce as amazing. It’s creamy and tangy with a rich coconut flavor, perfect to go with rice.

Tryst Cafe Western Food Publika

Tryst Cafe Interior

Overall, we were pleased with our experience at Tryst and it has become one of our favorite places to eat in Publika. I like that they are sticking to the fundamentals by serving affordable, unpretentious and filling food. At night, Tryst buzzes with customers, many of them shisha lovers who come to hang out and relax till late.

Tryst Cafe Publika

Tryst Publika

A2-G1-07 Solaris Dutamas, 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, KL
Business hours: Sat – Thur (12pm – 1am), Fri (4pm – 1am)

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