Caff Italian Fusion Cuisine Restaurant @ Bandar Puteri Puchong (Revisit)

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After my first visit to Caff (an Italian Fusion Restaurant) last year, it has become one of my favorite western food restaurant in Bandar Puteri Puchong for its reasonably priced great food.
Shortly after my first visit, I moved to a newly rented house with SL being a great help in the process – moving stuff and all. So, as a reward I treated her to a dinner at Caff.


Baby Lamb Shank – not so baby after all @ RM24. The portion was undeniably huge, enough to feed two people. It was served along with mashed potato (supporting the lamb shank), some vegetable and lots of gravy, definitely the dish we enjoyed the most that night. The lamb shank’s meat was so braised till so soft it would fall off the bone with the slightest touch.


Cheese Baked Bruschetta, an Italian snack or appetizer @ RM8.90. Three pieces of grilled breads were topped with Bolognese sauce, shrimp and mozarella cheese.
I liked the crunchiness of the grilled bread, while the topping tasted a combination of freshness and slight sourness which was quite appetizing.


The thick and flavorful Cream Seafood Soup @ RM7.90 was nothing short of impressive with generous amount of prawns, clams, squids and green mussels. It was packed with seafood goodness! Well you can’t really see the other seafood except the mussel because they were at the bottom of the bowl.


I have heard about the popularity of Caff’s Smoked Duck Pizza so I ordered one out of curiosity (RM18). In fact, the pizza was actually my most anticipated dish of the night because I have seen it on 8tv’s Hochak show. That episode left me with a deep impression on the pizza.
Besides, it’s not often to see duck meat being used as pizza topping and I was quite eager to know how it would taste like. Onion and cashew nut were also part of the toppings and a layer of sourplum sauce covered the pizza.
As delicious as it may look from the photo, I was disappointed with the taste. The sourplum sauce was just too sweet for me and made the pizza slices sticky. And the smoked duck wasn’t great too, it was forgettable. I have to say the first pizza we had at Caff – Turkey Ham Special Pizza was so so so much better.

Restoran Caff,
No.44, Jln Puteri 2/2,
Bandar Puteri Puchong.
Tel: 03-8061 5606
Fax: 03-8068 5329

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