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Carl’s Jr. Disappointing Charbroiled BBQ Chicken @ Pavilion


Sigh, I am quite disappointed now and I need to rant. You see, I was at Pavilion earlier tonight and was contemplating my choices for dinner – it could have been the newly opened Emperor Q by MOF, Pepper Lunch (steak restaurant), Ichiban Boshi or even Mr. Baoz!
But, of all the restaurants I chose to eat at Carl’s Jr instead. Because, I have a thing for burgers and I thought eating at a fast food restaurant alone would be less awkward. Arrggh, it was a mistake!


Actually, I have already tried CJ at Sunway Pyramid once and their Super Star with Cheese (double charbroiled beef and cheese) impressed me. Since then, I have always wanted to try the other stuff especially the chicken sandwiches.
But then, I must be unlucky because apparently CJ ran out of BACONS. This means the sandwich I wanted to order, Bacon Swiss Crispy Chicken Sandwich would be bacon-less, lol. So, even though I was told that they would give me extra cheese in exchange for the missing bacon, I didn’t take it. At last, I chose the Charbroiled Chicken BBQ Sandwich – small combo meal for about RM20.


The sandwich’s small serving really surprised me.. But hey, I thought to myself, maybe it would still taste good despite the pitiful size. After the first bite, the hope was lost lol. Sandwiched between the weird looking bun (which they call it a Honey Wheat Bun) are charbroiled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and BBQ sauce.. A pretty tasteless combination and not to mention the meat was quite tough too.
Personally, I felt it was one of the weakest sandwich I ever had.. even McD’s McChicken and KFC’s Zinger Burger tasted a lot better than this. Hmm. By the way, this failed sandwich looked so appetizing and nicer on the menu, but the real thing looked nothing similar. See it for yourself.


The consolation would be the fries (Heinz chili sauce!) and bottomless soft drinks. I think CJ’s natural cut fries are the nicest among all fast food joints. They are crispier, thicker and go very well with the special sauce (salsa?) available at the refill station.
Anyway, what I really want to say is.. I should have taken my dinner elsewhere. And if I were you going to Carl’s Jr, the Charbroiled BBQ Chicken would be the last thing I would order. That damn sandwich is just not worth the fourteen bucks, lol.

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