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Char Siew Yoong (Peel Road) @ Jalan Pudu Ulu, Cheras


Char Siew Yoong in Cheras is one of the most raved roast meat restaurant in town especially for their delectable char siew. When I arrived at the restaurant only then it hit me that we have tasted their famous char siew before.
At that time, Char Siew Yoong was a normal hawker stall operating at Peel Road along with a couple of other equally popular eateries. Now, they are a full-fledged restaurant even with air conditioning.

Char Siew Yoong Peel Road Char Siew

Fatty Char Siew

Our last dining experience here was just average, as we did not find the char siew exceptionally good. But how things change, this time around we found ourselves enjoying the char siew tremendously – So much so that we actually ordered an extra portion @ RM7.50 to savor.
I think our mistake was ordering the Nyonya Steamed Fish which had an owerpowering flavor that affected everything else we had that day.

Melt in your mouth Char Siew

If fatty char siew that melts in the mouth is your kind of thing, then you wouldn’t be disappointed with what Char Siew Yoong got to offer. For me, it’s over-melty that it felt too sinful to eat. If I have no regards for my health or well-being, I’d say bring it on. Otherwise, I think it might be better to stick to their normal cuts.

Char Siew Yoong Siu Yuk

The roast pork (RM8 per portion) here is equally delicious with all the great qualities you expect to find. Not to mention their homemade chili sauce pairs extremely well to have with rice.

Char Siew Yoong Char Siew

Despite their flourishing business (3 full racks of char siew sold during our quick lunch there) Char Siew Yoong and his staff maintain a friendly demeanor at all times.
I think he recognizes the fact that his success is due to the support of his customers, which is why he treats them well. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see him offering thick slices of char siew to his customers, or to-be customers to try for free.

Char Siew Yoong Pudu Ulu

Char Siew Yoong (Peel Road)

No 23 Jalan Pudu Ulu
Cheras, 56100 KL
Tel: 012-213 7163
Business hours: 10am – 5pm
Closed on alternate Thursdays

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