Chen Brothers Durian & Fruit – Best Durian Stall in Kepong

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Durian Stall Kepong

When it comes to durian, the price actually comes secondary. Reputation and the quality of a durian stall are the more important things to consider before your spend your hard earned money. Good durians do not come cheap, they are rare because the best ones are exported. So they are definitely worth paying that extra few bucks.

Musang King Durian Kepong

Lets say you have been buying from a regular durian stall and you know the fruits are good, my advice is to stick to them. Try not to buy from random stalls that pop up once in a while, especially those that employ foreign workers. Even though they might be a couple bucks cheaper (per kg) you will probably end up buying sub-par quality durians.

Tekka Bamboo Leg Durian

If you are looking for great quality durians, I will recommend Chen Brothers Durian & Fruit in Kepong Baru. Compared to the other more popular durian stalls in KL or PJ, Chen Brothers is not only cheaper, they are also the most experienced in the trade.
That being said, don’t expect them to be the cheapest in town because like I mentioned earlier, you get what you pay for.

Chen Brothers Durian Stall Kepong

And like any other reputable sellers, they will guarantee that the fruits you get are 100% edible in the sense that they won’t be ‘potato’ (half ripe), unripe or have worms.
In case any of these things happen, they will be more than happy to exchange or reimburse any problematic pulps. I have bought from them a couple of times and so far, I have never been disappointed.

Kepong D24 Durian

For those who love D24, you’d be pleased to know that Chen Brothers’ carry lots of them in exceptional quality. They usually have those ‘high mountain’ or ‘old tree’ stocks with green and grey husks.

High Mountain D24 Durian

Compared to the normal D24 that have whitish flesh, these are yellow with an outstanding taste – creamy, sweet and bitter.

Packed Musang King Durian

Musang King Durian

Musang King is always a safe bet so you won’t go wrong with it. They usually have two types – grade A or grade AB which is usually determined by their size.
Price wise the difference is about RM8-10/per kg. Just for your reference purpose, I bought the D24 and AB Musang King yesterday. It might be cheaper or more expensive depending on the season.

Kepong Chen Brothers Durian Stall

Chen Brothers Durian & Fruit Kepong

So if you have been duped by durian sellers in the past and are looking for a reliable one, don’t hesitate to buy from Chen Brothers. I am sure you will be pleased with the service, honesty and more importantly the quality of fruits they offer. Lastly, vacuum packing is also available here – great for those who plan to bring durian overseas.

Chen Brothers Durian & Fruit

Jalan Mergastua (Kepong Baru Durian Street)
Tel: 019-393 6877 (Chong) / 012-233 2613 (Kai) / 017-338 1366 (Foo)
Business hours: 1pm till finish

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