Chinese ‘Kah Liu’ Nasi Lemak @ Restaurant Chuan Lee, PJ

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For those who are already working I am sure you have a list of affordable places for lunch – me too. We even took the extra effort to maintain an Excel list that will help us randomize a makan place if we were undecided. If you ask me, I consider any meals under RM10 still affordable, cheap if it is under RM5. Well, if you’re working in Petaling Jaya then you might want to try this nasi lemak I am going to talk about. Hopefully it is good enough for you as a new entry in that list of yours.


But of course I did not stumble on this nasi lemak by accident because a colleague actually recommended it to me. When I asked if ‘kah liu’ (adding toppings) was available and he replied “Of course, there are mutton curry, chicken, sotong etc” – I was sold as soon as mutton was mentioned.


The stall is manned by an old Chinese uncle and his assistant. Both of them are friendly people and could speak English so there is no language barrier here. A normal plate of nasi lemak with one choice of topping costs RM5 and you can choose from mutton, cuttlefish, wild boar (!!), sambal prawns and chicken. I have always loved wild boar curry so you could understand my excitement when I saw it on the menu.


For the undecided between mutton and wild boar curry like me, you would be glad to know that you could actually have both for an extra RM1.50, making your customized nasi lemak @ RM6.50 as shown in the pic above. And it applies for the other side dishes too. I don’t know how much it would cost if you take three side dishes though but I am guessing the same calculation applies.


Nasi Lemak Mutton + Cuttlefish @ RM6.50. Now, let me just say that the curry mutton and wild boar are beautifully cooked and tasted awesome just as expected and how I wanted them to be. The sambal is the spicy variant (another plus from me) with loads of onions and the ikan bilis is fresh and crunchy. So my only complaint would be the rice itself, which was just the normal white rice instead of the real ‘nasi lemak’ and it was quite clumpy.


Restaurant Chuan Lee is located just opposite Crystal Crown Hotel. If the hotel is on your right, turn left into the road before the traffic light and you will see this row of shops on your right. Happy hunting and I hope you will like this nasi lemak.

Restaurant Chuan Lee
5, Jalan Bukit 11/2,
46200 Petaling Jaya
GPS Coordinates: N3 06.620 E101 38.712

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