Chinese New Year Cookies


This year we are baking our Chinese New Year cookies early because my brother will be leaving to US very soon and won’t be here to celebrate CNY with us. So the cookies are for him to bring to US, and we already had an early reunion dinner last week lol.

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Unbaked pineapple tarts. The process of making the pineapple jam easily takes up half a day because it must be cooked slowly.

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We used to make pineapple tarts in rolled form, but this year we made it the other way because it’s much easier (less work :P) Home made pineapple tarts are simply the best. Those sold in supermarkets are just yucks, and super expensive too.

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We also made some batches of groundnut cookies.

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We gave a plate of cookies to our neighbour. Clockwise: corn flakes, caterpillar, almond and groundnut cookies. And in the middle, pineapple tarts.

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It must be their luck being our neighbour, don’t you think? lol.

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  1. WOW !!!! Super MOM and Super KIDS ! I love pineapple tarts, I love cookies. I made them last year, but lazy this year. :-D
    The house next to mine is empty now, wanna buy next door ? LOL

  2. Hi there

    Your cookies look lovely!

    Would you be so kind please to send me a recipe on caterpillar cookies. I have lost my recipe which my cousin gave me or should I say misplaced it!! I live in Sydney Australia hence purchasing a copy of this is hard to find.

    Many thanks for your help.



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