Chocolate snacks!

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I was shopping in Carrefour Seberang Jaya last weekend with my parents and this particular box of chocolates caught my attention. Being a chocolate lover, I grabbed it without second thoughts lol. I remember when I was small, Van Houten is the chocolate brand for rich kids, and you must be really lucky to get your hands on them. It used to come in steel boxes only, good for storing needle and threads (my house still keeps one) Now you can find them in round steel containers and plastic packages.

Van Houten Chocolates

Van Houten Assorted Napolitains Full Cream Milk Chocolate (gosh that’s a long name) contains small bars of chocolate with 3 flavors: Milk, Mocha and Orange. Sized perfectly for a nice bite at work :) Great as gifts to kids and your loved ones too.

Milk, Mocha & Orange

Chocolates are found to have certain health benefits if consumed in considerate amount such as lowering blood pressure, promote alertness, lessen pain (for women), lessen anxiety, make one happy, help to “get in the mood” lol and many more. This however does not apply to all chocolates, as they can be classified into Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate etc.. Anyway based on my personal research on the net, Dark Chocolate proves to be most beneficial as it contains the most antioxidants, which helps to prevent cancer and promote healthy skin (so goes the myth of chocolates causing acnes) Another interesting fact is that chocolates help to prevent persistent coughing! So I guess another myth is gone for good!

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