Chung Cheng Chilli Mee @ Golden Mile Food Centre, Beach Road

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While researching for good Prawn Mee I stumbled upon many good recommendations about Chung Cheng Chilli Mee in Golden Mile Food Centre along Beach Road. Chung Cheng happens to sell Prawn Mee as well but it is their Chilli Mee that has got raving reviews. The food centre is also near to an Army Market popular for its army and camping equipments.


Luckily when I went the queue was short and I got to order in less than few minutes. In Singapore, any popular food stalls would have a queue so long it could stretch all the way to the entrance of the food court. I am not exaggerating here. I experienced waiting 30 minutes for a plate of chicken rice before lol.
Anyway while queuing I observed that all the customers’ orders were similar – they would ask for Mee Pok Ta (Dry Mee Pok) If you don’t know, Mee Pok is a type of thin and flat noodle with a springy texture very popular among Singaporeans. I like it too. I figured that it could be the best selling option so I followed. Besides, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. The prawns looked fresh so I asked for extra, which made my bowl of Chilli Mee $4 instead of the usual $3.


Ingredients wise I gotta say it’s one of the more unique ones I have seen so far – toppings include a mixture of pork ribs, prawns, hard boiled egg, tau fu pok and some cabbage. You might be wondering where is the chilli paste. Well it was sandwiched in between the toppings and noodles so it wasn’t that obvious. But you could still spot it if you squint your eyes a little lol.
And by the way, the soup.. it was the surprise here. Prepared with pork and prawns I expected it to taste like normal pork soup. But I was pleasantly surprised to find it tasted like Bak Kut Teh instead, the authentic Malaysia style Bak Kut Teh!


The chilli paste was fragrant and I felt it was all the noodle required. I certainly wished more chili paste was given because there wasn’t enough to coat the noodles and the ingredients evenly after mixing them together. Maybe because of this the spiciness level was very much tolerable.
I really appreciated the soft bones ribs. They were tender and delicious flavorful. It simply outshone the disappointingly bland and chewy prawns – those I specifically asked for more earlier. Hmm, the irony.


Verdict: Recommended. Not the typical hawker food you see daily.

Chung Cheng Chilli Mee, Prawn Mee, Laksa
Golden Mile Food Centre
505 Beach Road, (S) 199583
GPS Coordinates: N1 18.181 E103 51.841
Closed on Tuesdays

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